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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 20, 2009

Message From The UK

What the Brits think of us now and our new foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

One article by a controversial British journalist represents what "The Brits" think of Obama?

Gimme a break!

hermit thrush said...

and, in addition to anon 9:43, it's an article in a right-leaning mag, to boot. no wonder some people think of piv as little more than a propaganda outlet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Klermit, seeings how you're out from under your rock. Any comment about this continuing "government on Saturday" routine the Great One seems to be making a habit of?

It's so easy to slither by and make a cheap accusation like you just did, but lot's tougher to back it up, isn't it?

And any comment about your previous assertions that the many NYers forced to leave the Empire State was "a myth". That was another of you verbage that has been proven clearly wrong in recent months.

You hide a lot, Frog. Why?

Anonymous said...

In honor of Wiley and Dannie, I have another post to make.

Frog, how can a site be "propaganda" when it is a collection of entries by readers? The logic and strength of the arguments wins or loses. Unlike DemoBS.com, where yous can't even say a thing. But then again a controlled message is more in line with Dannie and your style.

I sure missed you. Glad you got your nerve up.

hermit thrush said...

dear anon,
the same deal is on the table as always: i'd be happy to chat if you can prove you're serious and acting in good faith by using my actual name. short of that, why should i bother?

Anonymous said...

Yup Frog, don't bother to argue the merits of what I said. Just hide behind the "you didn't pronounce my name right" routine. I have no problem assisting you in your continuing efforts to behave like a coward.

Dan Francis said...

Herm: The one or two (or maybe the same Anonymous jerk) hammers me too. I never hide behind a phony label -- I use my name and stand and defend my posts and positions. He/she can't even spell my name, either.

I try to ignore him/her as much as possible with their BS nonsense.

hermit thrush said...

i don't mind asking again. why should i bother with you, anon?

Peacepoet said...

Hermit, I wouldn't worry about it. Anon sounds like the same guy that decided to attack me through my grandfather simply because he does not agree with me.

Yet, he never uses a tag....just anonymous so he can hide behind anonymity.

I am guessing though that in a face to face, he doesn't have the guts.

Don't waste your time, Hermit. This person is the type that will never get past his hatred and meanness to see beyond himself.

Anonymous said...

PP, Lermit, you guys need to stick together. That way when your arguments fold you can feel better about yourselves. This is about having weak foundations for your views. Not about me.

I don't mind asking you again, Kernit. What about your comment that the number of people leaving NY was, as you say, a "myth". You said it. Lots of writing about it of late. You have been proven wrong. Wanna admit it, or would you like to talk about my spelling of you name?

And PP, would you like to continue talking about how bad the country is? Would you like to debate further the foolishness you stated on the other thread? How you want it both ways with your grandfather, he being the great guy who served the racist monster that is the United States? It has to be difficult supporting such an inconsistant set of views. Or, would you rather run to the Frog and play "me too?" I really don't care. I'm betting your grandfather would have had no problem talking with me. Not as much "trauma" as you say.
And you got DANNIE chimin' in too. Now ain't that sweet. Dan, just so ya know, it is difficult to look up Peacebloet and Kemit Thrust in the phonebook too. So hint, they must have made the same decision I have made as well.
Have a good night, you three. I'm here for ya.

hermit thrush said...

i guess that's a long-winded way of saying, "yeah, you really shouldn't bother with me." okey doke!

hermit thrush said...

and thanks for the kind words, dan and peacepoet!

Anonymous said...

Yup Klemit, if it means you continue to be afraid to talk stay on topic, then don't bother.

Dannie and PP have shown the same sort of backbone, that's why they feel so warm and fuzzy around ya. But this is the golden age for folks like you. This is the say what you want era. You don't have to support a thing. Feelings are paramount. The next generation will pay for it.

You guys have it all in the bag. You gotta feel good.
Good night, guys.

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