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Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Aubertine Fishing Story?

Senator Darrel Aubertine has a tendency to get ahead of himself with his self importance. Press release after press release he is saving this or saving that, now it turns out maybe Darrel Aubertine was not even offered the NYPA top position as released in his press release over the weekend.

More to come later, but the question remains who is telling the truth; Darrel or the Governor.? The Governor today denied Aubertine was offered the job.

Could this just be another one of Aubertine's fishing stories?

LATER ADD: The Daily Politics blog reports

An Aubertine spokesman, Drew Mangione, said:
"We're aware of the governor's comments, and at this time we cannot comment any further."
Drew, as a reporter, would not have accepted that line.


Anonymous said...

For the record, here's a link to Paterson's denial:

Paterson: Aubertine's telling a whopper

Anonymous said...

Rumors on the hill here are that Bruno is pissed that he wanted the job offer as he announces that he is not going to run again. this is an interesting story that is only beginning.

RWiley said...

Don't Believe The Hype-NYPA Edition

Anonymous said...

Aubertine screws up again.

I am sure they will find a sacrifical lamb to take the hit so Aubertine can try to salvage what little credibiltiy he has left.

Maybe if they offered him the job at the hospital, they could have put a deal together.

Anonymous said...

Could that be the job that got away?

Anonymous said...

Hey Darrel, I know are a couple guys down in Pulaski who'd like to take you out for a couple of beers and swap "fish stories"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Guv sold you down the River Darrel.....

Anonymous said...

How could Darrel turn down what is likely the most importangt job to the economy and health of our North Country communities, with a hefty salary raise to boot? This guy could have had a legacy, and an important say in our future.

Now he's fated to be remembered as a half-term senator of little consequence and, oh yeah, a nice guy.

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