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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aubertine Takes a Thrashing

Upstate Good Old Boys blog gives Senator Aubertine an absolute thrashing.

Click Here and read people like DD will come to appreciate P IV's kind and gentle approach (insert sarcasm) after reading this piece.


Anonymous said...

Same old crap. Time for something new, PV.

Anonymous said...

Like you took a thrashing in 2004. I hope your anger does not influence the way you think when working with the rest of the board. Get over it Scott.

Anonymous said...

One person is lying, either Patterson, a snake from New York City who has been the bridge between Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno for quite a while, or Darrel Aubertine, a farmer from Northern New York.

My money is the guy from New York City is lying because Aubertine told the truth and hurt Patterson with his own party, while Aubertine was able to help either of his high profile friends who want Patterson's job. Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton.

If Patterson doesn't want Democratic control of the State Senate, or more importantly, doesn't want a powerful upstate New York Senator, i.e. Darrel if the Democrats take the majority, which is looking ever more likely, then Darrel becomes more powerful by telling the truth about the offer. He would also become more powerful if the statement wasn't true, because it hurts Patterson inside the Democratic party, and opens up the possibility of a primary challenge in 2010 by Andrew Cuomo or Hillary Clinton, which means that when Patterson leaves, two people who Darrel has a better relationship with likely end up Governor, and Darrel becomes EVER MORE important in the Senate.

Regardless of the truthfulness of Darrel's statement, he has made a serious power play that means he WILL BE A POWER PLAYER in the State Senate in January if the Democrats win in November, which again is looking ever more and more likely.

This is GREAT for OUR DISTRICT. Having a power player State Senator is ALWAYS GOOD FOR US.

Anonymous said...

I disagree.

Let's just say that O'byrne did offer Aubertine the NYPA gig, and let's just say that Paterson is lying and that Aubertine was a straight-up guy and was honest and forthright about the whole deal.

Aubertine, right or wrong, is now a pariah in his own party for not keeping his mouth shut and painting his Governor into a corner.


Anonymous said...

In the meantime, the FBI went into Bruno's office and seized his records as soon as he announced. It does not take a very smart person to figure that Darrel is part of the smokescreen.

Anonymous said...

OK, so let's assume that Darrel DID get the job offer, raising these questions:

1) What's wrong with a guy who turns down a quarter-million dollar-a-year job that could impact the future of the North Country's economy for decades?

2) Could he be so politically tone-deaf that he would think passing up such a gig would make him a folk hero here at home?

3) Which of his staffers is so politically inept that he wouldadvise issuing a press release that exposes the Governor/leader of his party to a charge of virtual political treason?

4) Why aren't the Senate Dms assigning someone to ride this guy to make sure he stays on track (or at least keep him out of the public eye) so he doesn't embarass himself, his constituents or the party?

Anonymous said...

Aubertines PR staff must really be screwed up---have they let Cort Ruddy back in?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the same Cort Ruddy who helped Darrel clean up the floor with young Will?

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of Patterson was probably the point of Aubertine exposing him.

This is a power play by a bright guy.

If you don't see that, then you are blind.

Andrew Cuomo is going to owe Senator Aubertine in a big way come 2010, and his father still has outstanding IOUs that mean the Senator from the 48th will be THE MAN come November.

Republicans can't concieve of people not falling into line with a "leader" which Patterson IS NOT. He was an Lt. Gov, who wasn't ever supposed to be Governor, and won't be after the 2010 election.

This is the first volley of the 2010 primary made by a surrogate.

Anonymous said...

Re Cort Ruddy---I mean the character who set up the class warfare river ad, all the while being part of a family with a private $$ lakeshore compound that is where boaters and beach bums are kept away....check it out

Anonymous said...

That is a great find. Anon. Give us a link.

Anonymous said...


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