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Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Dubious Claims By The Senator

Senator's Press Release:
“Since I was made aware of the situation at this hospital in February, I’ve worked daily with DOH officials and A.L. Lee to work out a solution. This facility is an economic engine in the heart of Fulton and vital to this community’s health care needs.”


Richard Abbott, who became chairman of the board May 21, said the hospital has enlisted the help of state Sen. Darrell Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent.

Senator's Press Release
“We are thankful to Sen. Aubertine for making this opportunity possible. He recognized the critical importance of this issue to the Fulton community and immediately offered his support as our senator.” said Richard B. Abbott, chairman of the A. L. Lee Memorial Board of Directors.

Members of the A.L. Lee board of directors had been discussing a possible merger with Oswego Health, the parent company of Oswego Hospital. The two sides haven't met for months and the talks aren't going anywhere right now, Abbott said.
This is Abbott in Saturday's Post-Standard.


Anonymous said...

So if this hospital folds, the GOP will be certain of retaking the seat.......By all means, everyone in Oswego County government needs to see the hospital fails, so Aubertine loses......

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone wants the hospital to fold. What everyone should want -- and expect -- is that our electeds pay attention to what's happening in the community and get involved in doin what's best for everyone.

What we don't need are politicians taking credit without even liftinga finger to do anything to help.

The clock's ticking on Lee Memorial. Sadly, it seems Darrel's living in a different timezone.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this story and Senator Aubertine's feckless performance in office.

First, he puts his sister on his Senate payroll, which broke New York's nepotism laws. And now this.

He also recently voted against the death penalty for cop killers.

One of us? Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Aubertine is actually doing a great thing in Fulton -- and a lot more than Wright ever did on the matter. The problem is the Oswego Hospital Chief is big Wright/Barclay supporter and is trying to make him look bad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4. The paper made it clear that Aubertine screwed up. Why is it that Aubertine and his supporters never take responsibilty for anything they screw up.

With Mangione as their press guy, how in the world did this get so screwed up? Maybe its true what we hear, there is no communication in that office.

Anonymous said...

As with any office, problems and leadership start with the top. Darrel is not now nor has ever been a leader. He sits on the fence and waits for his favorable wind to blow. As Obama says, its time for hope of change. Darrel, take your taxpayer retirement and let "one of us" work for the north country. Go DaveRenzi.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Lee dropped the ball, and Darrel was awol until the 11th hour. Here's hoping the two hospitals can put something together, but let's not race to give a politician the credit for a deal that's got to be way over his head.

Anonymous said...

Give Drew Mangione the Creative Writer of the Year award for this effort! As they say in the business, "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!"

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