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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Paterson For Governor 2010

Governor Paterson makes no bones about his intentions. The second string Governor has a vision for the future and it includes himself running for Governor.

Paterson for Governor, Inc

The new Guv has hired Cindy Darrison, who was Spitzer's chief fundraiser and put Spitzer former treasurer, Jerry Barbanel, in as his treasurer.

Sounds like Paterson is locked, loaded, and ready to run!

He will not have to worry about the Republican's if he keeps up his adulation of Bruno, they will only put up a perfunctory candidate, but the Democrats might come after him with, "always handy" Andy Cuomo.


RWiley said...

Senator Aubertine credited with saving Emergency Room!

Hutton credited state Sen. Darrel Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent, with getting Lee Memorial and Oswego Health to negotiate.

RWiley said...

Good news for school taxpayers. An east Syracuse Law firm, Ferrara, Fiorenza, Larrison, Barret and Reitz is returning $100,000 of the money they took from us in NYS Retirement credits for their representation of school districts. I think they may have represented South Jeff, among others.
I am sorry for having lost the link to my source.
I think it was from the Albany Times.

You can thank, "handy Andy" for this one.

Political IV said...


I ask you to please make sure that your responses to the original post are pertinent to the subject of the original post.

Through the normal course of debating the issue it might stray off course and digress, but you intentionally post responses that have nothing to do with the subject.

They will be removed in the future.

RWiley said...

Help yourself. Censorship is not unusual in the right wing media.

Anonymous said...

Rwiley should get his own blog. Wasn't it a Wiley that was let go from Aubertine's office?

That might explain it all.

RWiley said...

To you, it might explain it all since you like to keep your explainations simple. However, it expains nothing.

Yes, I believe that Darrel hired a Wiley. However, it was not an rwiley. Your post is typical of the right wing nuts who were sucker enough to allow George Bush and others to hoodwink almost half of this great country. Your attention span does not even last long enough to allow you to get past personal attacks and address the issues. So, typically, your interest in this blog does not extend beyond a personal attack of the messenger. Good luck as you bring this type of politics to the North Country. You will wallow in your hatred and hypocrisy as the Democrats leave you in the dust while they take back the country from the party who allowed their leaders to lie, cheat, steal, all under the guise of patriotism. They will restore social programs, health care and integrity. And, you will benefit, too. If you participate in any kind of social benefit, thank a Democrat!

They kept you afraid, suspicious and angry and while you were looking east waiting for the enemy they were right behind you picking your pocket. During the dangerous times of this kind of Republican control, the true patriots will endure the sticks and stones of personal slander and hatred and never lose sight of the issues confronting our great Democracy.

Also, I do apologize for not sticking to the subject.
In checking back, PVI was right. Although it was not intentional. I just got caught up with the enthusiasm of a blogger who is interested enough to post about our local scene whether I agree with him or not.

Good luck with your personal attack strategy, and, oh ya, God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone hit a rwiley nerve!!!!!!!!!. LOL

RWiley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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