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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Candidate Dan Francis Is Lost

Dan Francis, Democrat candidate for the 23rd Congressional District is wayward. In a post on DD he said;

I wonder if Mr. Oot went to Gloversville (Fulton County) to meet with the 180 or so workers losing their jobs since Callaway golf is shutting down operations due to the high cost of doing business there?
It is worth pointing out to Dan Francis that the part of Fulton County and the Callaway golf facility are not located in the 23rd Congressional District, that would be the 21st District Democrat Congressman McNulty.


Anonymous said...

The plant itself may well lie within another Congressional District, but the employees come from all over that area.

And, yes. Dan Francis IS a lost soul.

If he cannot coordinate a simple (and prescheduled) meeting with party chairs from across this District, how could he ever manage to conduct District business?

Dan is ALWAYS the victim.

RWiley said...

Why do I have the feeling that Political IV is talking to himself on this issue? What prevents him from responding to his own post?

RWiley said...

Wow!!! An excuse to link to the Watertwon Daily Times!!!
Bush, Cheney behind high oil prices

16.10.23 said...

Why do I feel the rwiley isn't rwiley. In reality he is just another anonymous poster like me!

I believe he either works for Aubertine or the State Democrats.

Why don't you come clean, tell us who you really are and end the anonymity

RWiley said...

Anonymous is a name used by many different posters.
In public forums, it makes it difficult to converse with an anonymous. However, 16.10.23 and rwiley are names that are registered and offer some consistency to the discussion. I use rwiley when ever I post in public forums and if I use a resource to develop my post, I link to it.

RWiley said...

OOOPs! Regarding 16.10.23, It appears that that if color is an indication, that name is fabricated off the cuff and not registered. Another form of Anonymous.

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