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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Honesty Issue

Obama has a case of Clintonitis, people are voting on whether he is honest or not?

A majority of people think he is not as honest as McCain. Over the long haul of this campaign this issue will begin to play a bigger role and be emphasized more by his flip flop on such issues as campaign finance.


NorthCountryLiberal said...

I can't wait for Obama to go toe to toe with McCain on the integrity issue.

You're in a pathological state of denial, IV.

Anonymous said...

Before you vote, google "McCain flip flops" and then "Obama flip flops. Read them, then make your choice.
If that is too difficult, then be a ditto head and be one of the 2 or 3 followers of Political IV.

Anonymous said...

shill shill shill! how dishonest are you, iv? it's obviously your right to turn your blog into a one-stop republican talking points emporium, but you might at least want to get rid of that "independent voice of reason" nonsense in your masthead. if you're truly concerned about flip-flopping, then do yourself and your readers the favor of actually looking at mccain's record -- he's twisted himself every way this side of sunday. to be fair, mccain's been in public life a lot longer than obama, so it would probably be unreasonable to expect mccain to come out better on this count. but mccain is nowhere near close!

Anonymous said...

This poll is on AOL News. Who reads AOL news? AOL email users? AOL email users are dinosaurs and will soon be extinct.

In December 2006, in order to cut operating costs, AOL decided to cease using US-based call centers to provide customer service. They drastically downsized Stateside corporate operations as well. Two weeks before Christmas, thousands of workers were put on notice that their positions were being eliminated altogether, or being replaced with outsourced employees. On January 28, 2007, the last domestic AOL owned and operated call center (based in Oklahoma City) closed its doors, and, during October 2007, the last call center in Canada was also shut down. All customer service calls are now handled by outsourced representatives in Ogden, Utah, India, the Philippines, and Mexico.

You use great sources for your information PIV. Very American of you.

Anonymous said...

Obama has a 15 point lead...honesty must be a huge issue.


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