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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Opinion From The Left

Even the left wing blog The Albany Project, TAP sees the Aubertine debacle in the very same light. A no win situation for Aubertine and the Democrats.

TAP raises the question if Paterson wants the Senate to remain Republican and why Aubertine, what qualifies him?

A commenter on the blog notes how damaging the press release was to Aubertine.

Click here to read it

DD normally copies and paste a lot from this blog and links to it, but some reason he did not reference this posting today or yesterday.


TF said...

I thought I addressed the issue.
Hummm I could swear I did.
Check with me here. www.jeffersondemocrat.org

Anonymous said...

Patterson was the minority leader so long he could be used to back room deals with Joe Bruno, and prefer to keep it that way.

The other possibility is that Darrel is working the Democratic party to help Patterson's likely ouster, Andrew Cuomo, or possibly Hillary Clinton.

Aubertine does seem to like both Clinton and Cuomo, and everybody nows that Lt. Govs aren't ever supposed to become Governor. Patterson isn't anybody's first choice to be running Albany.

Aubertine might be making a power play for an important position come 2010. He couldn't possibly be that slick could he? I think so!

RWiley said...

It appears that Robert Harding like everyone else around Capital Hill believes that Darrel was offered the position. He only wonders why.

I believe that it is the district that he has no regard for, not the man. Another slap in the face from Albany. Thank god Darrel was honest enough not to fall for their ruse.

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong. Mr. Aubertine refused to accept a bribe. Then you think he is a bad guy. Darrel will come out on top of this one.

Anonymous said...

What bribe did Darryl refuse to take. Has Darryl said he was offered a bribe? Why does rwiley insist on defending Darryl when Darryl isn't defending himself. These conspiracy theories are just that. If Darryl thinks it is anything but his fault why doesn't he speak up.

It can't be to help the party because I don't see how it is helping the party.

On top of that Darryl wasn't going to take marching orders from anyone!

Is anyone home Darryl?

Anonymous said...

Darrel has always had his arrogance. Let me see "one of us" to their # 1 thats a leap of faith even for Darrel.

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