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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gas Prices

This little chart ought to ruffle feathers of some people the likes of Ted Ford.


Anonymous said...

Good Republican proposal!!! Drill for more oil. Same ignorant idea that has been put forth since the 70's. How does drilling for more oil help my children and grandchildren? How about getting off our collective asses, move into the 21st century, and propose solutions that will really make us energy independent for the next 200 years?

TF said...

Here is the Mexican solution which is even more liberal. Nationalize the oil companies and sell the product for $2.16. I'm a progressive democrat but even I don't agree with that approach. Of course, the politicized poop you posted came directly from the Republican minority in the Congress. I counter that with another equally meaningless number. When GWB took office gas was $1.56.
Honda today rolled out their first
hydrogen to electricity converted
street model today. Thats the future and I hope the Detroit automakers get on the stick and copy it.

Anonymous said...

To Anony1 -- "How about getting off our collective asses" AND drilling for oil?

My children and grandchildren will appreciate that we acted NOW to preserve the opportunity and way of life that we all hope to be able to hand on to them.

Or we could all freeze in the dark in the hope that some new technology will replace in 20 years that which we all have in our driveways today.

TourPro said...

Both proposals are LAME.

If you're hooked on heroin and can no longer afford your daily fix, obviously the dealer would love make more marginal profits by increasing supply and lowering price. The current batch of Republicans are a joke. A true conservative would aim for more choice in energy rather than further painting us into a corner.

The Dems are just plain dumb.

John Warren said...

Have you been awake in the last 8 years? You have seen what four years of Republican complete control and 4 years of partial control have done to the price of gas and the economy?

Are you paying attention t the issues or are you to busy shilling for your team?

Anonymous said...

CAN ANYONE SAY CHINA AND INDIA? There are now 3 billoin more drivers over there than there were 10 years ago. Why is USA the ONLY country in the world not able to go after our own resources? Alternatives are good, but get our heads out of the sand and get our own natural gas and oil. China will take out from under us if we don't. Drill now and drill often. By the way, Global Warming is an Al Gore ploy to make millions.

RWiley said...

Wow! Political IV this chart is fantastic! What a find.

According to the chart, the Republicans are offering us a savings of "at least" $1.98 per gallon if we take the low side of each of their proposals. But, the part I like best is, if we can squeeze their brilliant plan for the max. in each proposal on the Republican side then we could save $4.78 per gallon.

Now, at the National average of 4.05 per gallon that means each of us would receive 73 cents back from the oil company for each gallon we purchase.

That even beats that Marxist Oil sold in Venezuela for 14 cents.

But, I think they forgot to read this one before they sent it out. However, the incredible part about this chart, which has been published on nearly every right winged blog today, is that some people will actually believe it.

Anonymous said...


let China and Vietnam who are ALREADY exploring of OUR coastline have all the oil.

Hydrogen is the answer for the future. until then we need to survive.

Drill here, drill NOW!

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