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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Renzi's Position On Tax Cap, Where Is Darrel's?

Dave Renzi for Senate
48th Senate District
Jefferson, Oswego, St. Lawrence Counties
FOR RELEASE: Immediate, June 18, 2008
CONTACT: John Morgia (315) 777-7917
State Senate Candidate Backs Governor’s Plan to Protect Taxpayers;
Wants More State Aid to Strengthen Local Schools
David A. Renzi, candidate for State Senate in the 48th District, today called for passage of Governor Paterson’s “tax cap” on property taxes as a way to provide long overdue relief to families who are at risk of being taxed right out of their homes.
Renzi said the Legislature’s top priority must be to provide relief for overburdened taxpayers, and he insisted that more state aid – not higher taxes – will help strengthen our local schools.
“Skyrocketing food and fuel costs are stretching family budgets to the breaking point, and rising taxes add to the burden of hardworking families who are desperately in need of relief,” said Renzi. “It’s time for our elected officials to stand up for overburdened taxpayers and pass a tax cap that provides genuine relief.”
And Renzi said that, along with the tax cap, state government also must increase its commitment to local education by providing a fair and adequate level of aid to schools in the North Country and Central New York.
“The tax cap represents real relief for homeowners. But we also must work to make sure our schools receive a fair and adequate share of state aid to make sure our children get the great education they deserve. Unfortunately that’s not the case right now,” Renzi said.
In this year’s state budget, schools in the 48th Senate District received $1 million less in state aid than originally proposed by Governor Spitzer, even though the Legislature increased total funding for schools statewide by $400 million.
“More state aid went to schools downstate and outside the 48th Senate District, and our school districts sought to backfill that loss with higher property taxes.
“As Senator, I will work to make sure that schools don’t have to choose between higher taxes and cuts in the classroom by working to make sure that every school gets the aid and resources it needs to give our children a great education,” Renzi said.
New Yorkers pay the highest property taxes in the nation – 49 percent higher than the national average, Renzi said.
The 48th Senate District includes Jefferson, Oswego and part of St. Lawrence Counties.


RWiley said...

Darrel's position on the property tax cap is very old news since months ago he announced his position and has reiterated it since.

"Cap Property Taxes: Darrel strongly supports the proposed property tax cap, and believes that state and local governments need to stop pointing fingers and start working together to reduce property taxes."

Cap Property Taxes

While you all were moaning and groaning over the "impossible" loss of a shoe-in position set up by Jim Wright who abandoned your party to gorge on lobby-lobster, Mr. Aubertine was continuing to work for the people, it appears that you have failed to keep up on the news.

Anonymous said...

rwiley -- check the facts. Paterson's tax cap plan was only announced on 6/3. Darrel hasn't said a word about it since then.

His earlier statement, linked in yoru post, doesn't contain any details, so we don't really know what he supports.

He won't say a peep now that the Teachers union has declared war on incumbents who fight for the plan -- and for relief local homeowners.

RWiley said...

Oh I do know some of the facts. Much went on, even before the official announcement. In fact, the Gov. made public statements before June 6. It would be naive of you to think that the Gov. got up one day and without consultation drafted a plan and made an announcement without consulting political players.

And, of course it was because of Darrel and others on both sides of the aisle who have been talking tax cap for months that the Gov. was encouraged that he had the support to firm up some ideas which led to his announcement. Like I said, Mr. Renzi's Major announcement as well as Mr. Cantwell's Major announcement were nothing more than affirmation of what has already been said and done.

Everyone else knew Darrel's public position on the cap. Scott simply missed the news or thought you weren't smart enough to find out the truth for yourself.

RWiley said...

"He won't say a peep now that the Teachers union has declared war on incumbents who fight for the plan -- and for relief local homeowners."

Again, Anon. you are confused. Did you forget that Darryl was not endorsed by the union when he ran against Will?

Teachers Abandon a Democrat Over School Choice

Anonymous said...

Darrel? Darrel? Where are you Darrel? Nothing to say about the most important issue on taxpayer-voters' minds these days?

Anonymous said...

Senator Darrel J. Aubertine

RWiley said...

The only thing in the way of the Tax Cap is Joseph Bruno and the Republicans:

"But Bruno expressed his skepticism before the release of a Siena Research Institute poll showing 74 percent of voters - 76 percent in New York City's suburbs - back Paterson's cap. Republicans are desperate to hold on to their two-seat majority in the Senate, the party's sole power base in the Capitol."

Bruno eases back from opposition to tax-increase cap

Anonymous said...

Wrong again, rwiley: Here's Darrel's position on the tax cap -- "could be" an idea "whose time has come." Not a very strong endorsement, if you ask me... But why doesn't someone ask him?

Sen. Aubertine: Report on Property Tax Relief Frames Debate for Change

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the pro-tax hike, pro-gay marriage Working Families Party -- which helped elect Darrel and has already endorsed his re-election -- is vehemently opposed to any kind of tax cap.


Anonymous said...


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