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Friday, June 20, 2008

Convention Committee Broke

The DNC convention committee is beyond broke, they are in the hole by about $15 million and they might stick the city of Denver with the bill. The committee was charged with raising slightly over $40 million and have only raised $25 million to date.

The convention committee is canceling events, several welcoming events will be iced.

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Danger Democrat was going to blog from there, DD they may have to charge you to blog now!

Wonder if they will charge Obama a parking fee for his motorcade?

Instead of a balloon drop they will have a beach ball they bounce around like people do at ball games.

The Pepsi Center appears it is going to be watered down a bit.


RWiley said...

One thing you won't see there, however, is a bunch of people running around dressed in American Flags and wearing purple heart band-aids as they mock our American heros.

Purple Heart Band-Aid.

TF said...

Naw! I won't be going. They apparently don't like small town rural bloggers. My application was rejected.

Anonymous said...

IV - you are a joke.

The four-day Republican National Convention in 2004 cost more than $154 million, with the New York City Host Committee raising $84 million in cash and other contributions, making it by far the most expensive such event in history.

New York City (not the Republican Party or private money - basically OUR TAX DOLLARS) spent $58 MILLION on police and other services and $15 MILLION in federal money that went to the Republican Party to pay for the convention staff salaries, which covered expenses like the $207,000 spent on the balloons that dropped from the ceiling after the Bush's speech.

Now admit you are just a shill without a clue.

At least do some damn research before you spew your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

That is a good point Anon.

Also, consider the money for prosecutors, legal staff and wasted time of judges as hundreds of people were arrested. In the pier areas innocent people were arrested as they got caught in corral traps set up by police to simply round up all those in the area. Even people who live in the area trying to get to their homes were hauled away to the Republican's Guantanamo type operation.

The arrests were found to be illegal and led to full release followed by lawsuits and more cost to the taxpayers.

Perhaps Political IV is excited by Rush Limbaugh's call for riots in Denver. But, in the meantime he should learn a bit more about the ways his own party operates a national convention.

Anonymous said...

No comment Political IV? - just like the jerks who you follow so fervently, I guess you just spew whatever trash comes out your mouth - forget about backing it up with facts.

Time for you to resign from political commentary.

Or at least get informed.

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