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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, June 6, 2008

Gas Cap

Onondaga County is eliminating the gas cap, which limited taxes after $2 per gallon price. A recent study conducted there found the benefit was not reaching the consumer. The Onondaga County legislature decided the extra sales tax revenue received would be best used to reduce the property tax burden.

Closer north, Oswego County legislature is entertaining the same idea. The Palladium Times in Oswego is reporting today (click here) the county legislature is examining the viability of the sales tax cap.

In Oswego County the entire county is capped except the City of Oswego where they are not capped and a study found prices in the city to be lower.

Jefferson County Legislators Robert Boice and Addie Jenne Russell, candidate for the 118th Assembly seat, have supported the cap but have been vocal critics of the effectiveness. Perhaps the issue should be raised again.

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