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Monday, June 23, 2008

What Is Wrong With New York State Government

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is the poster child for what is wrong with New York State Government. Everything that occurs in New York State is at the mercy of acceptance by this man or it does not happen.

You might remember that a while back P IV wrote on a transfer station on the Gansevoort peninsula just south of W. 14th St on the Upper West Side. Specifically, the P IV posting was wondering why Darrel Aubertine opposed a New York City plan to manage their own waste, but that is off subject now. Last year the Assembly blocked a vote on this transfer station, while the Senate passed it, much like they passed it again this year.

Silver killed the transfer station in the Assembly last year, the same way he killed congestion pricing in the Assembly this year, by not allowing a vote on the legislation.

Aside from being Speaker of the Assembly, who is Silver to allow or not allow legislators to debate and vote on bills. What makes him the be all, end all of New York State and for him to know what is best for different parts of New York State?

A year later and the Gansevoort transfer station is back after being passed by the Senate and now in front of the Assembly, but this year is different. Silver has an opponent, a democrat, Paul Newell and Mayor Mike's Deputy Kevin Sheekey has been sniffing around Silver's opponent possibly to help him.

Therefore, Silver faced with a primary appears to be willing to make peace with Bloomberg and pass this legislation on Gansevoort transfer station this year.

Control by a single person to bring or not to bring legislation before a body of government in New York State is flawed government and in need of reform.

Addie Jenne Russell should recognize and denounce this if she is concerned that New York State Government works properly.

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RWiley said...

Last time around, however, you called it a recycling center and you had no understanding that it was a neighborhood problem with the concern of attracting big trucks and not an anti-recycling move. You even claimed that because of Darrel's vote garbage was going to be sent to Rodman.

It was the old story of, "It's ok but not in my neighborhood.." and the 3 local Dems from the West Side were opposed to it and apparently were able to influence the state decision.

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