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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marijuana Policy Project

MPP has launched TV ads in some New York markets supporting the legalization of marijuana.

This is a short You Tube on MPP, it is worth your time to watch it. This will most likely end up being another topic for the Senate and Assembly candidates this fall.


TF said...

All of the editors at the Danger Democrat blog (that would be me)thank you for putting this video up. DD agrees with each and every point this man makes.
Ted Ford

Anonymous said...

The important question that Upstate should ask itself is "Could cannabis farming revitalize the Upstate economy?" This could be a great opportunity for struggling Upstate farms. Upstate is only 6 hours from NYC and what is possibly the largest marijuana market in the US. Shipping and distribution costs would be extremely low. Also, given the many useful uses of hemp as a cash crop pushing for legalization could be positive on many more levels other than medical treatment. Investigate and educate yourselves rather than jumping to the conclusion that you have been socialized to believe in. Marijuana laws as with most others have been based on the $ more than anything else. Upstate should be progressive on this issue and attempt to capitalize.


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