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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 30, 2008

New York Dems Even More Chaotic?

Fred Dicker has a good article today on the chaos that will take place if the Democrats win the Senate majority in this fall's election.

The dynamics are typical, much like Eliot Sptizer or even more like St Lawrence County, the Democrats have a difficult time managing themselves.

A portion of the article worth pointing out;
The main reason is that after 44 years of being out of power, Senate Democrats don't have the knowledge, skill or talent to be an effective majority. And many Democrats - including some close to Gov. Paterson - agree. 

Senate Democrats are also so liberal and so disproportionately from New York City that some of Paterson's aides fear a Democratic majority will refuse to join the governor in his effort to cut state spending, cap skyrocketing property taxes and improve the state's harsh business climate.

The latter part where it states "disproportionately from New York City" this really speaks to the North Country, even if conservative Democrat Aubertine wins, he will not be able to fairly represent us against New York City and a liberal agenda, he is simply a pawn, the means to an end result.

Nothing really has to be said for the Senate Democrats refusal to cut spending, it is a given and read their ally, the Working Families Party, agenda, anyone could tell we are in for more state spending. If New York could become more bloated and more difficult to do business in, it will. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like cries of desperation, Scott!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Senate's official website, I was startled to learn that 2/3 of Senate Democrats are from NYC.

Here's just one of them

In contrast, 2/3 of Senate Republicans are from Upstate and the suburbs.

Who's going to best represent us? It's clear to me!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Republicans will represent upstate---but just their fat cat, Good Old Boy friends upstate.

Anonymous said...

Fred Dicker's stories are about as accurate as your story about Wright running again for the State Senate, Scott.

Anonymous said...

St. Law Dems......weak. They don't stand up for their own...joke!

Anonymous said...

Putting stock in anything Fred Dicker writes, is like trusting anything you write, Scott.

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