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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NYS Senate GOP Push School Accountability

Taxpayer Empowerment and Accountability, "TEA" plan is making its way through the New York State Senate.

The plan would require disclosure on school administrator salaries and pension benefits. This plan would require the salaries to be posted on the school's websites and put in place reforms to prevent school lawyers from receiving health and pension benefits which has been a target of AG Cuomo.

“This far-reaching proposal will prevent excessive and wasteful spending, and mitigate problems that have resulted from school districts paying exorbitant salaries and generous pensions to school superintendents,” Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno said.

A measure like this will add accountability; with salaries, school boards and more scrutiny for budgets. It might even bring some attention to consolidation of smaller school districts or the very least centralizing administrative functions.

UPDATE: Click to read the Senate PRESS RELEASE and the Empire Center's new NY Public Payroll Watch website details the plan (here) and makes the claim this does not go far enough.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue fighting finally proving Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver cannot get along with anyone. Silver fought with Spitzer when Spitzer first came to town, now Silver is fighting with Paterson, Silver is an obstructionist. The New York Post reported on the rift.

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