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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Candidate Cantwell Kickoff

GOP candidate for the 118th Assembly seat, Bobby Cantwell will officially kick off his campaign at 2 different events scheduled for Thursday.

10:30 at The General Store on Bradley St in Watertown followed by a 2:30 event at the Ogdensburg City Hall.

Cantwell is expected to be accompanied by former Assemblyman H. Robert Nortz and former 2002 candidate and widely considered 2008 front runner, St Lawrence County Clerk Patricia Ritchie.

Ogdensburg Mayor, Bill Nelson is expected to join Cantwell in St. Lawrence County while it it unlikely Watertown Mayor Jeff Graham will attend the Watertown event, given the fact he is considering a run for the same seat.

It is not known at this time what state and local issues Cantwell will address in his kickoff announcement, there are plenty to pick from and this would be the appropriate time to convey his platform of issues that he thinks the North Country voters value.

The North Country will be listening to this political newcomer for a fresh vision, thoughts, and what type of an Assemblyman he believes he will be.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, as a Republican I have to ask. Who is this guy? Is this the best we have to offer? I know nothing about him at all.

Jeff Graham should run, he would beat them both. What is the GOP thinking on this one?

Bobby who?

Anonymous said...

Is this the guy in the Philly parade Sunday? He refused to throw any candy my way.
No candy, no votee.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mr. Cantwell was kind enough to invite me to his event and I told him I am not taking sides in either the Assembly or Senate race and will not attend events....I did talk to both major party candidates tonight at the Cuomo event and they both agreed to be on the Hotline....Cantwell this Friday and Russell next week...

Anonymous said...

As a Republican I have to say, Cantwell doesn't have a chance against Addie. If the GOP had their thinking caps on, they would have picked someone with more experience.

Anonymous said...

If the Dems had their thinking caps on they would have picked someone with experience for president candidate. Obama who? Remember it's time for change. Go get them Bob.

16.10.23 said...

This is the year that experience will be a negative!!

Anonymous said...

It's to bad we do not have a good candidate. Cantwell is a spoiled brat, hangs with his bully friends and is being pushed by Daddy and his wealthy cronies. Downstate will chew him up.

Anonymous said...

I have big hopes for Cantwell but I was sorry to see that he had tired loser baggage like Patti Ritchie at his St. Law. Co. Bob, she brings nothing but spaciness and airhead to the table. Dump her before she drags you down in the Big County.

Anonymous said...

Serious to all.....we have a weak candidate on both sides. Neither is proven, experienced or a serious person.....good news for down state..ignore the north country some more!

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