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Thursday, June 19, 2008

How Can Darrel or Addie Accept Their Support

Working Families Party has some positions that will make it hard for Darrel Aubertine, who is endorsed by them, and Addie Jenne Russell, who wants their endorsement, to explain to voters.
The WFP opposes the tax cap
The WFP wants to increase NY's income tax
The WFP wants increased funding for NYC schools
The WFP supports gay marriage
The WFP supports weaker drug laws
The WFP supports licenses for illegal aliens
The WFP supports 12 weeks paid family leave for every worker
The WFP supports increasing NYS spending

Here are excerpts from an email from WFP to Democrat Senate Minority Malcolm Smith.
"First, we think that the tax cap proposal is ill-conceived, and we are shocked that you would endorse not just the 4% cap but an even harsher 2% version."
"...We acknowledge that you have not supported our proposal in favor of the high-end PIT increases as a way to pay for property tax relief and other needed spending," WFP Co-Chairs Bertha Lewis and Bob Master wrote to Smith."
The Smith Flip Flops on the tax cap according to the email.
"I’ve got a real problem with the hard cap, said Smith...To then read that you have changed your mind entirely less than two weeks later is distressing, to say the least."
The endorsed Senate Democrats, such as Aubertine, were copied in on the the letter. Aubertine needs to rectify these positions.


TF said...

Do you really think all thosed endorsed by the WFP fully adopt all the WFP positions? The WFP is trying to impose their will but as a matter of practical politics the party won't demand absolute obesance to every itty bitty philosophical detail. Otherwise they would have no candidates and therefore no party. The WFP was formulated to attempt to move dems a little more to the left. And its a good thing that they have been somewhat successful in that endeavors. But Scott--as a supposed political sophisticate--you gotta grasp that much of what the WFP promotes is 'wannabe' stuff and that endorsed candidates aren't required to comply with each and every detail. You know, sort of like the Conservative Party that endorsed you.

Anonymous said...

Of course the WFP exists to advance its agenda -- and it supports candidates that it believes are likely to help do so. People like Darrel Aubertine.

By wresting control of the Senate, the WFP will have the moxie to achieve its goals: higher taxes, gay marriage, less aid for us and more for NYC.

The Aubertine apologists will go to any end to pretend this guy isn't what he appears to be -- a shill for downstate, liberal, anti-North Country interests.

Remove the blinders and see what's happening here.

Anonymous said...

Right on. It's about time someone took a look at who's supporting Aubertine.

I still recall the busloads of "volunteers" who invaded the North Country in February to get out the Darrel vote.

Is DA one of us? Or one of them?

Anonymous said...

"The WFP supports 12 weeks paid family leave for every worker"

Yeah! Why should mothers who just had babies have any time off from work to raise them!!

I say put them back to work as soon as their released from the hospital!

Don't cut into corporate profits!

Anonymous said...

"The WFP supports 12 weeks paid family leave for every worker"

In the spirit of the WFP support, this will mean Addie cannot campaign for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Darrel Aubertine rides the fence and leans whatever way the wind blows on any given day. As long as its good for Darrel. Today he's a Democrat..conservative..liberal..independent ..WFP.. socialist.

Anonymous said...

Get over it. Darrel wupped your butts and he is the senator.

Anonymous said...

"Darrel wupped you butts" Ex-senator after November

Anonymous said...

DA is done. He dropped the ball early with the ATV trail issue, and it has snowballed from there with the 'mis-steps'.

Meanwhile, who is Bobby Cantwell?? Seriously, WTF, not WFP!

Anonymous said...

Addie who..what a joke! She needs to stay home and raise her 4 month old child!

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