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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Candidate's Position on Tax Cap

The race for the 118th Assembly seat and the 48th Senate seat are in the early stages. Candidates should be out introducing themselves to voters and circulating their petitions. The candidates have challenges during this portion of the campaign, they have to meet voters with petitions, but also address the issues as well as set up their organizations.

Voters in either district have yet to hear or read about the positions of the candidates on Tom Suozzi's special commission proposed 4% tax cap supported by the Governor.

118th Assembly Candidates
Addie Jenne Russell
Bobby Cantwell

Senate Candidates
David Renzi
Darrel Aubertine

It is time to issue your position on this important proposal, candidates in other districts are beginning to do so, see here. Candidates cannot make their positions on issues like their decisions on running, they have to be more decisive and show leadership. Senator Aubertine, as the only working member of the legislature should no doubt by now have a position on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Darrel's already taken a position on the cap -- "Grrrr-arrgh-hrummmm. Rrrrrr-grrrr-mmmm. Grrrrr-umphhhhh. Gmmmmmmm-rrrrhmmmmm."

Apologists on this blog -- and others -- will say, "That's brilliant!"

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard any of the other Candidates position on the issue. With IBEW backing I'm sure what the answer is.

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