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Monday, June 9, 2008

Obama Veep Watch

There is a lot of this kind of talk going on out there.
Hillary Clinton gave a great speech yesterday. And Unity is at hand . . .

I'd like to interrupt this Unity Day message with a small reminder to the Barack Obama campaign and the Democratic Party - unless he picks Hillary Clinton as his running mate - the day he announces his Vice Presidential candidate will be a day of disunity.

I hope someone is thinking about that. Because since today is "Why Hillary Lost" Day in the Media, they need to remember that Hillary Clinton got half of the votes. Yes, she lost . . . barely. Obama is in a tight race with John McCain and needs a unified Democratic Party and if he is set on NOT picking Hillary Clinton as his VP, I hope he has a plan for re-unifying the Party the day after he insists on NOT unifying, indeed, in dividing the Party by not choosing Hillary Clinton as his VP.

By Big Tent Democrat
If Barack Obama picks Hillary as his running mate, his creditability is shattered. His "Yes We Can" slogan should be changed to "Yes, We Had To." Hillary does not represent even a smidgen of change.


Anonymous said...

that's absurd -- i think hilary represents a lot of change, though admittedly not as much as obama. even if hilary were just to mean a return to the 90's, are you saying there's no difference between then and now?

Anonymous said...

Change isn't the issue, the votes are.

Hillary recieved about half of the popular votes. Choosing her as VP is a no brainer.

Is anything really going to change regardless?

Anonymous said...

Gov Bill Richardson is a great choice for VEEP.

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