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Monday, June 9, 2008

Morphing News

The Editor's Weblog (that would be blog for short, hmmmm that would be old media participating in a new media forum) published results from the Newsroom Barometer survey conducted a while back by Zogby International. Here are small of the results:
- 86% believe integrated print and online newsrooms will become the norm, and 83% believe journalists will be expected to be able to produce content for all media within five years.

- A plurality - 44% - believe on-line will be the most common platform for reading news in the future, compared with 41% last year. Thirty-one cited print (down from 35% last year), 12% mobile and 7% e-paper. The rest were unsure.

- Two-thirds of respondents believe the importance of opinion and analysis pages will increase.

Looking 10 years into the future, what do you think will be the most common way of reading the news in your country?
If provided resources to invest in editorial quality, what would you do first within the newsroom?
Across all categories, the responses illustrated two clear concerns for editors, which superceded all others: their staff needs to be attuned to new media (36% of the respondents would first train their staff in new media), and they need more journalists to produce quality coverage (30%, up from 22% last year). As more newsrooms face layoffs and tight budgets, editors are increasingly seeking to safeguard one of the main conditions to quality journalism: a team of qualified journalists.

One of the Editors at the Watertown Daily Times actively participates in blogging, and being an editor gives him access to reporter's raw notes and that information appears in the anonymously authored Northern New York Follies. That would be a good blog for the paper "Reporter's Notebook" not real original but it is at least a launch into the new media.

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