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Monday, June 23, 2008

Many Tales of Senator's Aubertine's Misunderstandings

The Watertown Daily Times, citing anonymous sources, reports Saturday that Darrel Aubertine has been offered -- and turned down -- a lucrative offer to become the new NYPA chairman, more than doubling his salary and giving him unprecedented say over the economic future of North Country people, jobs and communities.

Less than 24 hours later, he confirms the offer in a widely distributed press release, saying he turned down the offer -- flattered though he was to be considered -- out of a sense of duty to the Senate district and in deference to the wishes of his wife and family.

This morning, he confides to the New York Times that, of course, he gave the offer serious consideration and agonized over the decision, and even named names on where and when the offer was made.

This afternoon, the Governor practically denies knowing Darrel (see video posted below), and says no such offer was on the table.


Did Darrel misunderstand when he prematurely announced a deal to save A. L. Lee Hospital in Fulton (the hospital is scheduled to close in seven days, and there is still no solution in sight and Darrel now says he's not involved in negotiations.)?

Did Darrel misunderstand when he said he never voted on wind power, then confirmed he was in line for a $100k annual payout from a wind concern, that he supported several bills and that he was already receiving payments (that he failed to disclose in his legally required ethics reports)?

Did Darrel misunderstand the ethics law that he voted for as an Assemblyman when he violated it by employing his sister in his office?

Did Darrel misunderstand when he said in January he opposed nuclear power, then supported a new plant in Oswego during his February campaign?

Let's take a look at what's at stake --

NYPA employs hundreds of North Country residents, and supports thousands more with its low-cost power allotments.

The recent announced closing of the GM plant in Massena is a case in point. What will happen to the power alloted to GM?

NYPA factors in heavily on maintaining the jobs at the ALCOA plant in Massena so the same does not happen there as it did at GM.

When do misunderstandings become reality in Senator Aubertine's world?


Anonymous said...

"NYPA factors in heavily on maintaining the jobs at the ALCOA plant in Massena so the same does not happen there as it did at GM."

Good point. And it was Aubertine who preserved those jobs. If you recall.

Anonymous said...

Darrel and this first poster should stop lying about saving the Alcoa jobs, too.

Pataki started this ball rolling before he left office. Sen. Griffo and arrogant former Sen. Wright were both in on the ground floor with the Alcoa Power deal long before Darrel tripped over the situation.

Of course, organized crime...er, I mean, labor leaders contniue to perpetuate this myth that Darrel was the key cog in wheel.

It's all crap.

Darrel, as usual, was on the outside looking in and didn't take a stand until Shelly Silver and June O'Neill told him what to say.

Anonymous said...

C'mon. Let us not forget, Darrel was elected because he's a nice guy. I don't ever remember anyone discussing his intelligence. Alhough I'm betting it's being discussed now. And, very well it should.

Anonymous said...

How can we believe Darryl saved Alcoa's jobs?

I think the real reason Darryl saved the jobs at ALCOA was that Darryl turned down the offer of becoming CEO of ALCOA when they offered it to him. Otherwise he would have ran the company to the ground.


Anonymous said...

Ask the people who work at ALCOA in Massena who was there for them. I bet they dont say Jim Wright, Joe Griffo, or George Pataki. But if you mention Darrel see what they say.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Darrel was offered the post of Secretary-General of the UN, but turned it down.

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