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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blocs Of Voters Are Up For Grabs

A couple blocs of Clinton voters are up for grabs, while a lot of her 18+ million voters, the largest catch ever for a primary, will naturally vote for Barack Obama, there are two big blocs that will be up for grabs.

Women and the blue collar workers are two major blocs of voters up for grabs and the McCain campaign will begin moving in on them. The New York Times published an article on the woman bloc.
Cynthia Ubaldo, 44, a Clinton supporter in Columbus, Ohio, just switched her registration from Democratic to independent and donated $10 to Mr. McCain. The endorsement on Saturday is a mandatory, empty gesture, Ms. Ubaldo said.

“I’m sure Hillary’s cussing Obama out to Bill and Chelsea as we speak,” she said.

The Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean is attempting to heal the wounds of sexism toward Mrs. Clinton.
“Many of the most prominent people on TV behaved like middle schoolers” toward Mrs. Clinton said Dean.
This problem will only get worse if Obama attempts to put a female on the ticket and that female is not Hillary.
“Hillary is not interchangeable,” Ms. Black added, warning Mr. Obama not to select, say, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas as a gesture to please women.
The other bloc of voters, blue collar workers, will be hard pressed under any circumstance to support Obama, considered by many as a metrosexual pretty boy with a thin resume' who cannot relate to their problems. And blue collar workers are less likely to fall into a daze with his topical fluff at the podium.

Need anymore be said about this elitist?


Anonymous said...

a few quick points:

1) i think it's most likely that an overwhelming majority of hilary voters will switch to obama. members of both parties tend to "come home". after the republican primaries in 2000, large numbers of mccain voters claimed (according to polling) that they wouldn't vote for bush, but that's not how it ended up.

2) obama has done just fine with blue collar voters outside appalachia -- just take a look at iowa or oregon or who knows where else. he has an appalachia problem, not a blue collar problem. i think he'll have a hard time holding pa in the dem column, and ohio will be extra tough for him, but the other appalachian states have all been in the republican column anyway of late.

3) what's with this "topical fluff" nonsense? there just as much policy meat on obama's bones as on anyone's.

Anonymous said...

Nice excuse you give the blue collar voters for not supporting Obama. Don't you really mean white working class people?

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