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Thursday, March 19, 2009

$100,000 Quid Pro Quo

AIG, the large too big to let fail insurance company, who is on the public dole while at the same time handing out big bonuses to their top executives is in the back pocket of the Queen, June O'Neill and the State Democratic Committee.

Yes, they donated $100,000 to her royalty and the State Democratic Committee and days later they get repaid in a quid pro quo from the Governor.

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While all the Democrats in Washington continue to scramble for the scapegoat on who to blame for the provision that would have limited these bonuses but somehow dissappeared from the final stimulus plan and thus allowed these bonuses to continue. (Here is a hint - Dodd, the largest taker of AIG money)

Will Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner take a fall over this?


Dan Francis said...

* Reflection time: Remember back to May 2008, when I was seeking petitions for the DEM primary against Mr. Oot ... but got little support from June O'Neill in StL county (where she is also the chair) - she said they wanted to stay neutral.

Remember too how I revealed the fact that she had approved $5,000 before the primary to be given to Mr.Oot and told me and the public 8 days after the fact in Canton that they would remain neutral?

This story does not surprise me -- not one bit.

"The governor had no knowledge of the donation which was used for events at the Democratic National Convention," said June O'Neill, state Democratic Committee chairwoman, said in a prepared statement issued Thursday.

She should step down or be removed - I said way back in May/June timeframe and I say it again.

Sneakiness in politics is one thing; downright lying and deception are different...

Her actions, I believe, helped keep me off the ballot for that primary.

Why do I say that?

If she would do that (the $5,000) and lie about that, then there is no telling what she did behind my back and behind the scene that prevented me from gaining ballot access... in other words: what did she say to her committee persons and/or to other committee chairs?

$5,000 is not the bit issue, although the timing is suspect, bu the public lying about it.

She has to go.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news!!!!!
Republican Rep. McHugh votes yea on HR-1586, to raise taxes to 90%, on some American capitalists. He was not alone 85 other Repubs joined him in the signing the tax increase.

Which party vowed to cut taxes????

Dan Francis said...

Correction from the above: typos... oops...

* $5,000 is not the BIG issue, although the timing is suspect, but lying to the public lying about it [is a big issue]."

JIM said...

I am so sick of all these lying SOBs. We need to throw a big party in DC.Invite them all and make attendance mandatory. Then have the airforce drop a 30 megaton firecracker on their asses.We can start again from scratch.we sure as hell can't do any worse!The gov'nt we have at present is the worst in history they are all lying,thieving,coniving they all suck. Why do we have to put up with this for 2 years? Can't we boot them now? there won't be anything left of us in two years.This has to stop NOW!!!!When the pres is branded a liar in the first 40 days it's all downhill from there.Everyone else thinks it's ok also examples need to be made or it gets worse as we can see.

Earthbob said...

The real state political issue relating to AIG is:

Will Elliot Spitzer resurrect himself with the AIG Issue?

Anonymous said...

The $100,000 contribution is a completely separate issue and has nothing to do with bonuses.

And furthermore, this is all the fault of Bush and Repubs. It has to be because Obama hasn't made any mistakes yet.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I think you need to buy an FM radio for your truck and rip out the AM band.

Multi-millionaire, Sponge Rush Fat Pants, thinks its good to give tax payer bonus's to incompetent rich executives at AIG, while he's got his ditto heads chasing mechanical rabbits around a track.

JIM said...

You lost me 9:02 what does rush have to do with it? Look at it from the AIG exects side.If the gov'nt heads want to give you and your buddies a million dollar bonus from the taxpayers,would you take it? It was dodd,geitner and obama who had a hand in writing the rule granting the bonus,they changed the writing to make sure it happened. I think it's political payback,I'm pissed at the gov'nt not the aig folks they would be fools not to take it.It's also wrong for the feds to tax them at 90%. It's just going to lead to higher taxes for everyone.And although I like rush I never listen to him on the radio.I read his webpage from time to time when he makes headlines but i'm not a follower.But I should be he has alot more common sense than the special olympics crew in washington!

Anonymous said...

It's the fault of Bush and the Republicans!

If Bush-Cheney weren't so mean, and didn't abuse small animals and little children, then all the world would be a better place. We'd all be speaking Russian, but so be it!

Thankfully Gov. Paterson is much more sensible about these things, and jumped into action once he realized that there was $100k on the line, I mean jobs... oops.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy-Take 4
The Senators who made AIG bonus's possible.

Anonymous said...

7:06 "It's the fault of Bush and the Republicans!" Actually it was their fault.

"If Bush-Cheney weren't so mean, and didn't abuse small animals and little children, then all the world would be a better place. We'd all be speaking Russian, but so be it!" Instead we must learn to speak Arabic, at least the Russian people are Christian and Jewish. Praise Alla.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy-Take 4.1
The Senators who made AIG bonus's possible.

Sorry about that, this YouTube video "Senate Republican Hypocrisy" is under attack by the 'I can't handle the truth crowd'. Its been put up again as fast as its been pulled down. If it won't load type in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN3TJ7CIf3c

Anonymous said...

Now it has all gone into stuff I don't understand, again.

The "30 megaton firecracker" comment I think I understood. The rest got confusing.

I, too, believe the Great One is still the Great One. He will remain so until Katie Couric tells me otherwise. Or maybe Letterman.
What do you think the chances are of that?

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