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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Era

Jefferson County enters a new era of accountability tonight as they will stream a meeting live across the internet. The good government types should like the new era of transparency in their local government. This is a good move for Jefferson County and their residents.

And the first order of business to be aired is the presentation of the new jail that has questionable need and will come at a great expense to taxpayers to fulfill a campaign promise made by the Sheriff.

Be sure to tune in live and hear the presentation albeit in a testing stage.

Here is the link (here) the meeting begins at 6:30 with the jail needs presentation.

PIV is working on getting the link to you.


LiberalLaugh said...

We need a bigger jail for all the welfare recipients who fail their urine tests!!


Earthbob said...


I hope it is like the Watertown City Council's webcast.

Their live multi camera meetings lets you see the charts, graphs and other presentations, too.

DANC is a single camera presentation.

Good luck Jefferson County.

Thank you for letting the sunshine in.

Earthbob said...

Sometimes government transparency can have funny results:


J.C. said...

Letting the sunshine in is a good thing. My Local government does not handle transparency well at all. Heard and NOT Seen seems to work best here....

Anonymous said...

Who cares if we need a new jail? There will never be a time where more free money flies around with no strings than right NOW. Get a shovel and stand out there in the field and have connected people smile for the Times and get a darned grant and SPEND it.

Where the hell are you people from? I worry about our future.

Borrow and build, borrow and build, then take credit and move on.

When they say shovel ready they aren't talkin' bs. Or are they?

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