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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Skeleton of Danger Dem

Jeff Democrat, formerly known as Danger Democrat is only a skeleton of it's former self. Once upon a time it was regarded as a must read, cutting edge blog, but now it has faded into never never land. The same writer is still there in part with others, but it has obviously lost it's appeal by the numbers posted above.

Sing It Now - Dink Donk...


Dan Francis said...

IV: Good analysis of the now defunct DD ... and it's sad, too – it was a good forum for discussion.

My thoughts: JD offers no open forum – their site is a one-way street for dialogue; there’s no way to publicly recant or agree with what they post.

(But, that's what they say in their “Party” banner):

“This Blog is of, by and for the progressive members of our Jefferson County community.”

“Our mission is to provide information about fellow progressives for all to view, to provide a forum for forward looking candidates” ...

“Your opinion is important to this Blog”...

“... write us an item”...

“... or send us a picture please email it to Jeffersondemocrats@gmail.com”


They are public forum per se. They are not a Blog in the pure sense. They offer no OPEN route/means to opine. Theh are pretty much closed and one-sided.

I read their message as "We only post about those who agree with us, or only allow those we like to be highlighted here."

If that’s their purpose, then have succeeded. Their circle of fellow “progressives” can be proud.

I know. I sent them a few Emails and have not even received an acknowledgement of those Emails, let alone about the contents.

I guess I'm not progressive enough for them? As Jeff Graham might say, “That's a hoot.”

In the DEM "progressive" circle I am not as Liberal (or progressive) as many the party want me to be. But, if I were, then I wouldn’t be me.

It’s funny; I always thought I knew what Liberal vs. Progressive meant? Liberal used to mean ‘progress/move forward’ but no longer?

This is what JFK said about BEING A LIBERAL.

Besides, “Liberal” is a nasty word up around here and across the land in many places — kind of like a hand-grenade in a bowl of oatmeal. Progressive just sounds better. Now that's worth a second hoot!

~ dmf

[now, I sit and wait for the flak - it's coming] third hoot is authorized... LOL

Anonymous said...

No reason for any flak, Daniel. What you said pretty well sums it up. Minimal opinion involved, mostly fact. You are more likely to get flak from the group think boyz than others.

You do think independently, that's why I never have a problem listening to you. You're not partisan, but open. You are certainly not predictable, as this post shows.

Why is this so difficult for some to understand?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 6:29... there are several flak machines out there; not just yours.

LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, some would have me believe I'm the only one. There are others?

I'm sure hoping SU can do it.
Oklahoma will be tough. But then again everybody is tough now.

Anonymous said...

The reason I don't bother visiting these sites as often as I used to is that it's the same old commentary from the same old sources. I may as well have an enjoyable discussion at a coffee shop as waste my time here or at JD. No one seems to have a way to move issues forward-all they do is chatter. It's all sandbox noise. How about discussing the new slave labor law McHugh is trying to push through?


Dan Francis said...

Tony 6:18: You posted in part: "How about discussing the new slave labor law McHugh is trying to push through?"

Give us the H.R. number and remind us of the bill you have in mind re: "Slave Labor Law" and I will join in... and I bet others will, too.

FYI: Slave labor was outlawed in 1865 - something about the Civil War ...

You may want to check this article out: Wall Street Journal on Slavery

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Well Tony, there is no discussion at JD. So staying at the coffee shop makes sense in that case.

McHugh's slave labor program. Hmm. Right after that can we discuss the martians driving Lewis County snowplows?

Ya gots to give us a little more than that, Tony.

Anonymous said...

DMF- if this passes, I never want to hear another word from anyone about immigrants.


Dan Francis said...

"Immigrants with H2A visas (here on work permits)" vs. "illegals here unlawful" are two different categories ...

I doubt that Mr. McHugh is introducing legislation to "invite" illegals to come here and work?

So, I think your concern and worry are sorely out of whack.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

as usual, dmf is the final authority.....I suggest he read up on the bracero programs in all their incarnations over the years. why are we creating/filling jobs for/by foreigners? that's the real question...and who is to say that these H2A's are actually going to go back home after 3 years? then what do the dairy farmers do, train a whole new labor force? Think it out a bit further, Mr F, don't always try for the last word.....

Dan Francis said...

Anon 11:35. Damn, you're thick.

I addressed one specific bill that you said McHugh was pushing as "Slave" labor - not the entire spectrum of immigration, out-sourcing of jobs, moving jobs out of the country, and shitty labor rules and tax beaks that are killing us.

I can discuss anyone of those side issues at any time with or without you. But, know this, I am NOT and never have considred myself to be the final word on anything, especially around this neck of the woods.

I try to stay on topic and that's what my post addressed: one topic you raised.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I thought I was being specific- about foreign farm labor. I am trying to point out what appears to be a recurring issue. Tell me how this bill solves the problem.

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