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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weak Link

Healthcare Association of New York State is targeting certain Senators with robocalls and ads. HANYS presumes these members to be weak or marginal and in an effort to find the weakest link in the chain and break the back of the state budget negotiations they are on the charge.

Read here, the piece offers a good perspective on why even rank and file Senate Democrats are out of touch with the state budget process.

HANYS is illustrating the impact to local hospitals. Help Your Hospital

Your hospital cuts

These are the hospitals closest to your ZIP code and how much they stand to lose from the Governor's Budget:
Samaritan Medical Center ($1,306,000)
Carthage Area Hospital ($394,000)
Lewis County General Hospital ($629,000)
Total ($2,329,000)
*Based on initial analysis. This information may change.


Anonymous said...

Change you can believe in.

Dan Francis said...

Just curious ... wasn't there some news recently about how much more money Samaritan was getting and everyone was giddy and now this news?

Then consider this:

1. Watertown Daily Times:


ALEXANDRIA BAY — River Hospital doesn't have to pay back $160,000 it owed to Samaritan Medical Center. etc. etc.

2. From TV-7: SMC raised a considerable amount for their $61 renovation project, now underway ... $13 million from private hands and trying to raise another $13 million the same way.

Then reflect back on this:

Congressman John McHugh could see it coming: “There had been recurring discussions about building a hospital on base, and that was setting off alarms.”

The alarm for McHugh was that the Pentagon and the rest of Congress might conclude that Fort Drum needed its own hospital to provide all aspects of care for soldiers. And the solution wasn’t going to be, “Here’s $100 million; go build a hospital.” Rather, it would be “Let’s move the soldiers to Bragg and Campbell where they already have hospitals — then we can close Fort Drum. It costs a lot to heat the place anyway.”

As McHugh will tell you, had any Fort Drum general ever told Congress, “My soldiers aren’t getting proper care,” the north country’s military-civilian experience would have ended quickly.

And so in 2005 the Republican from Pierrepont Manor produced one of those bills that sounded like it could work anywhere, but the fine print pretty much limited it to Fort Drum.

Or, as the Times reported in 2005: “The new organization is part of a Department of Defense pilot program for health care delivery that was created by Mr. McHugh as part of the Fiscal Year 2005 Defense Authorization bill ... The pilot was planned as a way to test initiatives that build cooperative health care arrangements and agreements between military installations and local and regional non-military health care systems.”

And with $400,000 from Washington, D.C., to back it up, the Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization was created.

BL: Guess what Drum has ongoing right now (I see it all the time when I go out there)

- they are building a hospital (or at least greatly, greatly expanding Guthrie "clinc")

- it should have been done years ago.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I don't see where they will ever close Drum, Danny.

I agree with you on one thing in particular. Samaritan is now doing a $61 million expansion. How am I supposed to feel bad about a state cut of $1.3 million?

As if it would every happen.
It won't. The state will just put it back in the budget and raise taxes another way to pay for it.

Dan Francis said...

Ironically, this same group: HANYS has a website up http://www.hanys.org/ that offers a lot of info - this from them in Dec 31, 2008:

SMC: $409,000
Carthage: $184,000
Lewis Co: $798,000
Canton-Potsdam: $150,000
Massea Mem: $0
Claxton O'Burg: $138,000
EJ Noble: $282,000

How'd that work out?

Dan Francis said...

This is the kind of stuff we should be discussing: Fear of Obama Spreading?

Kinda sad, isn't it?

"Amerika: On the Road to Becoming a Third World Nation Based on Fear and Hype and Obama Chains, er Change?"

Nice thesis ring to it, doesn't?

Anonymous said...

I looked at that link you provided, Dan. You can't blame people for being afraid. The Great One is now blaming Mexico's lawlessness on our guns. You have to expect him, and others like him, to puke out some new gun laws.

As far as the sales of guns, I've heard the same thing around here. The dealers can't keep anything stocked. Prices are way, way up and people can't wait to pay. But I have nothing to base it on except hearsay.

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