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Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Reform Reversals Yippee!

State Sen. Darrel Aubertine, who got himself in a twist a year ago over whether or not he supported Client #9’s plan to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, cast the deciding vote last night on a plan that makes it easier for aliens to get taxpayer-funded benefits from the state.

Aubertine went along with his fellow Democrats’ plan to upend a key welfare reform that requires single parents to have a valid child support order in order to qualify for certain taxpayer-subsidized programs.

With such a narrow balance of power between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, a shift of just one vote would have sent the measure down to defeat, the measure past 32-30, with Aubertine voting aye and Senator Joe Griffo voting nay. 

It took a 2-1/2 hour debate over whether relieving deadbeat dads of their financial responsibility is a good idea. Much of that debate revolved around the issue of illegal immigrants, who Democrats contend won’t seek such support orders for fear they’ll be deported.

According to the sponsor’s memo filed with the bill, S.2091: “The process necessary to obtain a court order for child support can be stressful for families already struggling with issues including employment, housing, transportation and food security.

"Non-custodial immigrant parents with outstanding immigration status issues may also face a threat of deportation if they become involved in Family Court proceedings."

No one knows how much the change will cost taxpayers, but the bill is opposed by local governments, who feared their local taxpayers will get stuck with the bill, and even some welfare advocates, who don't like the idea of letting fathers abdicate responsibility for their kids.

Aubertine cast his vote in lockstep with the down state leaders of his party.

Read a memo of opposition - in additional post below

During last year’s special election, Aubertine sent at least four mailers to voters throughout the district to “clarify” his position, after originally saying he thought Spitzer’s plan to give licenses to illegal aliens was a good idea.

Updated: The is an email sent to PIV regarding this post.

Deadbeat Dads
I do not always agree with the Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos and his conference but I am 100% behind them on this issue. Yesterday, the Senate Republicans unanimously opposed a bill pushed through by the Senate Democrats that would protect deadbeat fathers.
The bill S2091 (you can look it up here!) protects deadbeat fathers from paying costs associated with their own children while requiring the state  and local taxpayers to automatically pick-up the additional costs. In lay terms, the bill is asking New York taxpayers to subsidize deadbeat parents.
Last year the Senate Republicans tried to communicate (poorly I might add) to New Yorkers what the Senate would do under Democratic control.  The NY Sun actually wrote an article about it. Ugly as it might be, they were right. So far the Senate Democrats have done very little in terms of governing. It seems lately they would rather smear Former Republican Majority Leader Joe Bruno and slap the hands of Dean Skelos then actually do the people’s business.
Here is the first example of what can be a very long 2 years for New York’s taxpayers. In an economy as bad as the one we are experiencing right now, our elected officials should be looking at cutting costs and stimulate the economy to get us out of the recession.  They should not be passing legislation that piles more on the already overburdened taxpayer.
When will New Yorkers finally stand up and say enough is enough?


Anonymous said...

And your point is?

We don't care about this, PIV.

Illegal aliens and bums are core Democrat voters. Is there some surprise here that the legislature took this action?

Don't worry. There is plenty of money to take care of minor details like this. In other words, who cares. I would ask, serously, if our man Darrell was promised something for his vote that can benefit us here in NNY. That is the important thing. What did we get for the sellout?

Anonymous said...

The bill expanded childcare to more families. Polls show that child care is one of the top concerns of voters. Lets just hope the GOP makes an issue of efforts to expand child care, that would be really smart.

Anonymous said...

Great post, PIV. The Sun hit the nail on the head. What's surprising is that it took almost 90 days for the Democrat-NYC Albany leaders to reverse the progress we made in finally getting welfare under control.

Let's review: free the prisoners, close the prisons, more people on the dole, higher taxes and fewer jobs. It's like the 1960s all over again!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Even welfare advocates said the bill's a bad idea because it relieves Dads of their financial responsibility for their own kids.

If welfare "advocates" don't like it, it's gotta be a bad idea!

Anonymous said...

I guess Darrel didn't read this bill, either.

Anonymous said...

7:29 Says it all. Who cares who pays for it? If it can be sold as a good thing, DO IT! Forget responsibility. Forget that we are broke. Forget any thought whatsoever. Let's just fall all over ourselves and GIVE it to folks.

One thing for sure. This will get get votes among the dumasIwudentpayanyway crowd. And the make babyznrun crowd.

As well as 7:29.

Bahawaaaaaa. I got mine. I don't give a flip.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 7:05-- Whoa, hold on there, Dude: Sterotyping is not allowed here - tell him IV.

i.e., if what you say is true [illegals are CORE Dems] then how come North Country dairy farmers want more of them to help harvest milk up around here?

Tick toc, tick toc - the clock is running as I await your response with bated breath...

BTW: What the hell is bated breath anyway?

Anonymous said...

i.e., if what you say is true [illegals are CORE Dems] then how come North Country dairy farmers want more of them to help harvest milk up around here?
Because dairy farmers truly love working for nothing.One farmer learned he could stay afloat longer by hiring illegals.The word spread fast then all the farmers wanted some mexs.They learned pretty quickly the language problem was bigger than the profits.So many of them Quit the farm deeper in debt then go get a job at the local school sweeping floors and cleaning up puke.I think the alien demand is over for north country farmers the 13 left anyway.

WheresWiley? said...

The farmers didn't know they were illegals. After all, they all had drivers licenses, right Darrel?

Anonymous said...

Dan, the reason we continue to have open borders is because you people know that this is a great source of new voters. These folks need the "safety net" and you are more than happy to give it to them, in exchange for their votes.

Immigration is one thing. Uncontrolled and unregulated immigration is another. The reason many people around here can play bs with this issue is they have never lived in border areas. And I am not talking Canada my friend. Ask California about the effect it has on their budget. What budget. They're running on printed and imaginary Obama money now. Just like us.

It's ok. Nothing is going to be done about this. Both sides are scared of being called racists. Which is what you implied when you went with the sterotype label early in your post.

Hey, do what works.
This is Amerika.
Labels are everything.

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