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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guest Voice of Mayor Jeff Graham

The question has been raised. Do I think Political IV threw me under the bus by forwarding an email I wrote to the Watertown Daily Times.
Given the Times has long sought to out the person (s) behind IV, I wondered why the blog would try to curry favor with persons hostile to it.
 Maybe it was to placate them, but in any event I am not angered at my fellow members of Watertown's political chattering class.
Blogs and talk shows serve as forums for subjects not fully developed or considered not to meet the high threshold of credibility demanded by "old media"
In the case of County Clerk , it is only natural those interested in politics would muse and speculate about possible aspirants. Sometimes it is just idle chatter , sometimes news breaks here such as the race for County Judge that is underway.
I do question some of the blogger personal attacks done with a cloak of anonymity. Such attacks are not the norm for IV, but I do think one way we judge material is by knowing who the author is.
That is why I use my real name on the local web board and gladly sign this tome.
Jeff Graham
(This Note Added By PIV regarding personal attacks as referenced by the mayor. PIV refrains from personal attacks, PIV will take issue with policy decisions or the politics of someone, but this is no place for personal attacks.)


Anonymous said...

I disagree strongly re: personal attacks.

Character matters. Or at least, it should.

In a Countywide race, one's past, well publicized in local (and, in Jeff's case anyway, national) media is relevant.

I'm aware of no scandal in JoAnn Wilder's life - nor Ben Mitchell's.

Jefferson County deserves - nay, should demand - better,and no one should expect a pass or expect to be able to skulk aay from their past be it Jeff Graham, Scott Gray or Jim Wright.

We may forgive your sins, but we don't have to vote for you.

Anonymous said...

Many of the previous personal attacks use name calling and misinformation. Many of the character accusations have been inaccurate, but that could be based on differing opinions.
I have been quilty of some of the above myself. I will try to not use an eye for an eye philosphy anymore.

Still Anon, sorry but necessary

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what anybody is trying to say.

Anonymous said...

I would overlook Scott Gray's indescretion from a couple of years ago well before I would overlook Jeff Graham's.

Scott Gray showed very poor judgement.

Jeff Graham's Quick Draw abuses were systematic. It took malice aforethought to video tape games; and call John Breen to notify him of specials; and to redeem winning tickets $.80 on the dollar so John didn't have to declare taxes.

Anonymous said...

How hypocritical of the mayor. Graham was a featured participant in anonymous discussion board character assasination during a recent county wide race. For him to claim immunity from such tactics is disingenuous at best.

His character (or lack thereof) should definitely be the cornerstone of any discussion of his "qualifications".

Anonymous said...

definition of a tome:
One of the books in a work of several volumes.
A book, especially a large or scholarly one.

I can't get past the Quick Draw stuff either. That was no accident. Effort went into that.

Anonymous said...

To this day I have no idea what kind of thinking caused him to do something like that. Was this guy pumping so much money into the bar that he thought taping the games made sense, or that he would get away with it?

He is a very knowledgeable man who does some very dumb things, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:20, do you KNOW that, or is that just an unfounded accusation?

I thought so.

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