"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We are at the half way point of the first 100 days of Obama and Redstate has kept score.

  • 511 Campaign Promises
  • Promises Kept -17
  • Promises Compromised - 7
  • Promises Broken - 2
  • Promises Stalled on - 2
  • In the Works - 39
  • No Action - 446
Read the report card here


Anonymous said...

Totally made up stuff by Bill Adair and Faux News trying to steal El Rushbo thunder. Don't waste your time on this one.

Anonymous said...

Redstate? Conservative fairy tales.


Anonymous said...

The Obama is to be praised, not criticized. Shame on you, PIV.

Anonymous said...

Bush is responsible for all this stuff. I hate Bush. I hate Fox News.


O is our first black President.
I love him.

Earmarks aren't really there.
If they were, I would

accept them.

Anonymous said...

It's true pigshit really does stink. So odor control is not an earmark.But schumers 2 million for testing how to get grapes to rot better is debatable.

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