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Monday, March 9, 2009

No Stimulus Money Here

According to the Gouverneur Times website - here - there is no stimulus money headed for the north country yet. We just love paying more in taxes and getting the door slammed shut and Governor Paterson has shut us out so far. Where is our north country state delegation, they should be stamping the feet and reinforcing all those campaign ads that claim they are "fighting for us."

Our unemployment rate is escalating and this so called job creation plan is leaving the North Country in the dust. And if Paterson and the state Democrats pursue their promise to close more prisons we will certainly feel the pain twofold.

Contact Darrel Aubertine, Addie Jenne Russell and Dede Scozzafava and let them know this is not acceptable.


RWiley said...

Also put John McHugh on thePIV contact list as the stimulus was generated in Washington and Mr. McHugh had the first "right to refusal".

Dan Francis said...

Oh, boy, this post opens up doors yet hinged in place.


I have been assessing the entire GOP shtick (or schtick, or shtik) re: the Obama administration ... and I have reached this conclusion initially:

The GOP fears Obama will succeed, NOT fail as they hope.

* But, the GOP operatives still have to plant the fear factor seed anyway ... seems it makes them look like a revived conservative opposition team [they can't allow their base to drift out of line] so they keep the dream of DEM failure alive.

* If Obama succeeds, they surely after all this ranting and raving about "party principals vs. real problem solving to tough issues" then they apt to wonder for decades.

The GOP is quickly becoming the party with no brain wondering in the wilderness with no new ideas and with a compass wildly spinning out of control looking for any direction.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

This is a strange moment for me. Please forgive me.

RWiley, you are on firm ground with this post. McHugh should also be answerable. Contact him as well. Makes sense to me.

Danny, what the... what are you talking about? The GOP fears O will succeed? OK, this is your story. You can run with it, but I have have no idea what you are basing this on. My worry is the continued lack of confidence in the the markets. The folks on the street want to give O a chance, and that is a fair thing to do. But everything he does drives the market down further. Throwing money at failed banks fools nobody. Continued earmark spending and lying about it (Republicans too) fools nobody. O should veto. Spending money we don't have fools nobody.

Let me ask this, Dan. At what point do you say O has to change course? Should he continue to throw borrowed money when the DOW hits 4000, or 2000? And should we solve every problem now? Energy, healthcare, social security, education? Respectfully Dan, it ain't as simple as writing a (hot) check. Remember why your taxes went up so much. It IS a related principle.

I think we have to let some bidness people die, do Chapter 11, then regroup. At what point do you quit throwing money down the drain?

Talk about schtick, Dan? We are all getting the schtick.

Anonymous said...


Even communism "succeeded" at first.

It is not the success that I want, nor do I think the country deserves.

I do not care for Obama, I do not care if he succeeds or fails, I do care if our country fails or succeeds.

Is it not the dems that wanted Bush to "fail". We are a two party system after all. By definition when one succeeds the other fails. Of course it is the dems that would turn the republicans desire to succeed into a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

Have no fear chucky won't forget us up north he'll take care of us.

FLatsFarmer said...

How about DANC. They like to develop stuff. Perhaps at the risk of those who hate earmarks DANC could ask McHugh to help out a bit.

Anonymous said...

The Jefferson County Legislature has not asked for or lobbied for single dime. They are also to blame.

1000IslandsGOPBuisnessOwner said...

We in the 1000 Islands have been in contact with our legislator and local NYS agencies about helping us get stimulus and tarp funds. If all goes right and our info is correct you will soon see that $$$ will soon be arriving in NNY. As they have said and soon to come to fruition it's alot about having projects shovel ready.
Looks like the cooperative efforts of the good ole boys and healthy bipartisianship (not just gop as I) are going to be successful.

Anonymous said...

Come on anon 9:11, how the heck do you know that for a fact?

Quit being so GD negative!!

Dan Francis said...

Anon 7:26: You say you can't figure out what I'm talking about? Sorry about that ... but I think my rationale is pretty clear. Maybe you should go back and read it one more time, then tie it in with GOP talking points and "their intent" in lock-step messages all across the airwaves.

In a word: It IS politics as usual: power playing at its worse.

If Mr. Obama succeeds, the GOP wonders for decades after basically not supporting him much on anything .. pretty simple stuff.

We are witnessing the end of a great party: the GOP right before our eyes - why?

They put their party first, not the country's welfare.

OTOH: DEMS are famous for shooting themselves in both feet with one bullet at the same time.

I stand by my post.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...didnt they already announce medicaid aid and infrastructure improvments in the NC as part of the stimulus?? Check ur facts IV, maybe the gov's website isnt too current.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson County has asked for money and has submitted projects to Albany.

Dan Francis said...

Update: Rep. McHugh has 12 earmarks in the disputed $419 billion bill that is hung up in the Senate that totals $3,186,757.

You can see the database at this link: Earmarks in $410B bill

Of course Mr. McHugh voted "No" twice for the Recovery bill...

I guess he couldn't get anything from that slab of hog, right? LOL

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, I think I see what you mean. You're saying if O's "borrow, spend, bail-out, pander, earmark, and lie" program works, then the elephants will regret not getting on board. ?

I would imagine you're right on that. Politicians being what they are. As far as your claims that we are witnessing the end of a great political party, there are three great forces at work here. Two favor the Dems, while one favors more conservative voters.

The Dems benefit from the continuing decline of our school system. Dumber folks mean better prospects for the Democrat party. There is no stopping the downward spiral of our schools, cause they are owned by people who care, but answer to no one.

The second force at work, also
undeniable, is the fact that everybody has a bad back, ADDDDT, is a drunk, a fool, on a program of some sort, and does one thing while being supported, they make babies. Some people work, some people make babies, which are in turn supported by those who work. This is a runaway train and Dems will always benefit from it. Because we all know Dems are more apt to give us stuff. Stuff is good. Free stuff is really good.

However, a third fact benefits conservatives, and is also as undeniable as gravity. It is called aging. We are all aging. We all get smarter as we age, or at least gain insight and wisdom, until that great day that we cannot find our way to the bathroom. At that point, we can vote absentee. But as we age and gain brain power, we get more conservative.

Therefore, we are in a race. Will we be able to support enough stupid babies long enough for them to gain the necessary wisdom to vote to cut their own benefits?

Right now we're seeing a reluctance to address this issue.
As my mom used to say, everyone is out to feather their own nest.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 6:41 -- so you suppose there is not real crisis and just extend the Bush tax cuts, reduce regulations more, keep government out of the way and the "market" will solve this shitty deal?

Okee, dokee, then.

FN (footnote): I'm glad you ain't in charge of the effort.

Anonymous said...

At this point Dan, I don't wanna fix nothin. I want to keep doing what you guys want us to do. We should continue to blame Bush while pretending that tax cuts are the issue. I don't think they are. The problem is spending. Government is involved in too many aspects of our lives. Couple that with the fact we have no money and you got a problem. One that you folks think we can fix by eliminating tax cuts and taking out some more loans. I just don't agree, Dan.

I kind of felt for you the other day when you made your stand against the increase you had in your property taxes. But Dan, how can you act surprised? Spend, spend, spend, then moan about the bill? Okie Dokey.

You say you're glad I'm not in charge of the "recovery" effort. Dan, you have no idea. Imagine the moaning if that were the case. But then again, you wouldn't be crying about your property tax bill.

Dan Francis said...

The trouble with those who post as Anonymous, is that I sometimes ride the wrong Anonymous.

Oh well...

Dan Francis said...

I did some math:

* Give each House Rep. $5 million for back home (votes and stuff); 435 members x $5 mill = $2.175 billion.

* Give each Senator $10 million (states are larger than districts) for back home (also votes and stuff); 100 senators x $10 mill = $1 billion.

Total bill: $3.175 billion and everyone gets earmarks (NOTE: currently 15 in the House and Senate do not take earmarks); price tag is well below the current $7.7 billion in the Omnibus bill that McHugh voted for and he gets $2 mill more for back home (votes and stuff).

We SAVE billions, and our congress is happy to deliver the goods back home (for votes and stuff).

How's that for a proposal - think they'll buy it? Probably not, but we damn sure are buying it, aren't we? [or at least paying for it]...

~ Math class is over now ...

Anonymous said...

I'm the right anonymous. That other guy is the wrong anonymous.

He's also a fool.

Syracuse had a good run, Dan. Out of gas they were. I'm ready for the big show.

PIV, start a thread, please.

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