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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Public Safety Officer?

These little tidbits of information keep coming by the doorstep, so they are picked up and pushed out to you folks to hash over.

Here is the newest piece of information today specific to the residents in the City of Watertown. Often unfortunate situations bring about opportunity and with the departure of Fire Chief Gaumont, it is just that situation.

His departure is unfortunate, he has done an admirable job of providing emergency services to the residents of the city and he will be missed. The morale at the fire department seems good these days and the equipment all appears to have been upgraded and in good condition. Chief Gaumont leaves the department in good shape.

The Mayor, City Council and City Manager seem to view this situation as an opportunity as these folks consider a restructuring in leadership of the police and fire units with a combined Public Safety Officer Joe Goss.

Intriguing idea to say the least, but without further details it is difficult to give it a thumbs up or down.

Joe Goss is another exception leader within the City organization. Goss possesses a very understated demeanor and has lead the department in providing good old fashion police work without all the glitz that has sometimes surrounded this police force in the past. The police department seems focused on their work at hand and not all the bells, whistles and trappings to make it just a big show.

Joe Goss as Public Safety Officer is a thought worth exploring.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh, another PIV kiss of death.

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