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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh NO - Stop

Our good buddy at JR's wine and liquor will appreciate this ad because it supports his cause and so does PIV. JR is a hard working guy.


Anonymous said...

This issue has nothing to do with "hard working" or anything else. I know some of the folks that might be effected by this, and it isn't about being good people. It is about money.

The state spends money at an incredible rate. They have to find ways to take the money so they can spend it. The state can make more if they allow grocery stores to sell wine. Simple. More sales equals more tax revenue equals more money to burn, I mean spend on things that are important. Like children, teachers, programs, kickbacks to connected folks, etc.
If you are going to run a government dishonestly, you have to have money to throw around. So shut up with the nice guy stuff and get ready to put the little guys out of bidness.

We need the money.
Children are expensive.

hermit thrush said...

i think you're dead wrong on this one, iv. why shouldn't wine be sold in grocery stores? especially if beer already is in nys? lots of other states and countries allow it, and they're doing just fine! shouldn't the conservative position be to oppose needless regulation of business like this?

Dan Francis said...


I went to Rite Aid on state street to get a Rx filled and while waiting I wondered around and examined the food products they now sell (like a Mini Mart), but I had to be careful - moving around all the beer being being sold that was stacked in the middle of the room ...

Convenience store or drug store? LOL ...

IV - where's your outrage about booze in drug stores?

BTW: I've listened to conservatives around there yell and scream about competition and growing business and such for decades, but I guess that interferes with all the parochialism stacked in the middle of the room with the beer and wine?


Anonymous said...

Quit trying to make this about liberal or conservative. If that were the case, why would this move be taking place just as the donkeys are taking over everything in NY state? It is not about that Hermit. It is about bucks. State can get more from selling wine in stores. So sell wine in stores.

Getting more money will allow for more schools to have single rider buses, programs with two kids in it, and administrators closely monitoring the menus at conference meetings in Lake Placid.

Drink Price Chopper wine, it's "for the children".

hermit thrush said...

Quit trying to make this about liberal or conservative.... It is not about that Hermit. It is about bucks.

says who? maybe the state-level dems are pushing for a change because they, like me, think that's the right policy. perish the thought, i know.

and please forgive me for trying to understand why some self-described conservatives like piv might feel the way they do on this issue, when my (obviously imperfect) understanding of their ideology would suggest they take the opposite position. or maybe there's no ideological consistency there at all!

Political IV said...


you are correct, the appearance of this goes against my conservative ideology, but this is nothing short of a money grab by the state.

While I support the free market system; I am 100% behind the small business owners.

Anonymous said...

Tell him 3:32. This ain't a chuch sermon. It's about bucks. The state can get more bucks of wines is sold by the big boys. This has been a known fact for year. Since when does doing anything "right" interest anyone in the Empire State, Mr Hermit? After all, what's right when the govment can take in millions more for the powerful special interests who control this state. The more sleaze you can buy the more right your cause is.

They've known this would be a successful move for many years now. The numbers are undeniable. It will likely get done this budget cycle. With the decision having nothing to do with whether the workers are "hard working" or "nice". It's about the money, stupid. And the special interests who own our legislators.

Anonymous said...

I guess we won't have to wait long to find out who got sold out this year. The budget looks like it is going to be passed right around April 1st.

I'm sure glad Albany got all that monopoly money from the Great One. That, along with taxing those rich b**tards will make it a great year for the rest of us.

I'm soooo happy.

Anonymous said...

Another billion on the state deficit.

How neat.

Ignore it till next year.

Anonymous said...

>>>> Political IV said...
you are correct, the appearance of this goes against my conservative ideology, but this is nothing short of a money grab by the state.
While I support the free market system; I am 100% behind the small business owners.
March 21, 2009 3:32 PM<<<<<<<<<<<<

My feeble understanding of the above post tells me that PIV supports "free markets" in theory(which don't even exist anywhere), because that repeats the conservative catechism; but where the rubber meets the road in the real world, PIV would prefer to set aside ideology and principles his party whips their opponents with, in order to benefit a few "small business owners." I count 12 other liquor stores in Jeffco- why aren't they part of this discussion? Maybe some of the supermarkets are small businesses also. There are already wines in the cooking aisles at Price Chopper, for instance. I think there are fatter hogs to go after than this one.


John Peck said...

It truly surprises me how controversial allowing the sale of wine in a grocery store could be. Consider the following: the local wine and liquor stores want to maintain their monopoly on the sale of wine to consumers; while at the same time vineyards across NYS and some fledgling ones in Jeff. Co. are wanting to increase their market share and visibility by being sold in grocery stores. Since a liquor store can't carry every type of wine and liquor brand that is produced then there is still room for effective competition, however, the question arises in the mark-up that liquor stores place on their merchandise and whether they can place a large enough mark-up on their products and still compete with the supermarket. I believe it is possible. Competition allows the consumers to purchase products for the best value and quality. I like to buy groceies at the Super Walmart, but 9 times out of 10 their produce stinks, so I buy my produce at Price Chopper of P&C. Let's consider the wineries in Western NY for a second. They want to increase their sales and profitability by selling in grocery stores. A possible negative is that they currently have a captive audience that comes to their winery, stays at their B&B, and spends a premium for their wine. If people can just go down the street and buy it why would they bother planning a vacation to go into the wine country or take a detour to go to Watkins Glen on their way home from another destination? This truly is an interesting issue and I am curious to see how it plays out and how Sen. Aubertine votes on this.

Anonymous said...

I understand how some of the small stores will be hurt by this, but selling wine in grocery stores works well in other states. Very well. No problems that I ever saw.

And if it pumps more $ into the state via taxes why not? They need it for the many good deeds that they do for us.

We all want more money to be spent. Let's git some more.

You know damn well if we don't make the move this year, we will next year.

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