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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pelosi Reverses Obama On Earmarks

Watch this video if you think Obama, who campaigned against earmarks has any chance of standing up on that campaign promise. Actually these are BO's 9286 earmarks in his own budget bill.

Now for the record, PIV did not endorse earmarks when the GOP was loading bills with them. The GOP lost their way in fiscal responsibility, which is why they are where they are today in the minorities. If Republican's can find it in them to get back to their principles then maybe they would regain majorities.

Time will tell! Democrats are sure giving the GOP an opportunity to contrast their ideology, whether the GOP takes advantage is another issue.


ScottWatch said...

Time will tell! Democrats are sure given

Change that to giving

Political IV said...


Correction made, thank you.

Dan Francis said...

Schumer strikes again: March 8, 2009, on Meet the Press.

When asked about all the "earmarks" in the 2009 omnibus appropriations bill, he said [paraphrased]:

"Without those earmarks, the bill would not have passed in a timely fashion and we'd still be debating the spending."

I say: what an arrogant, out of touch ass. Why do I say that? It comes on top of his other arrogant, out-of-touch statement on the senate floor. Take a look back here: Porky Amendments

The public doesn't care, he says.

Sen. Schumer: We do care and you're an ass who is out of touch and out of step, and sir, you need to be replaced.
~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Would john McHugh take any earmarks if offered?

Anonymous said...

We don't need a study commy itte we need someone with a ball bat to go in the house and senate and crack some heads!! They definitly need an adjustment on these porky projects.

Anonymous said...

Would john McHugh take any earmarks if offered?
Most likely lets get rid of him too. All of them must go!!!!

Anonymous said...

A republican bold face liar. Obama's spending bill is bad, but give me and my state tax payer money, I want it both ways, lies and hypocrisy.

Dan Francis said...

I don't know if McHugh "takes, requests, or accepts earmarks or not (snicker) ..." but he does often take credit for "grants" awarded as if he wrote the grants himself ... or at least that's the way his press office issues the announcements as I see them.

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