"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watertown Chamber Chimes In

Darrel and Addie are you listening to your constituents?

Here is what some are saying. A memo from Karen Delmonico, executive director of the Greater Watertown North Country Chamber of Commerce.

Dear GWNC Chamber Member:

We need your immediate help to stop the NYS Legislature from adopting a new state budget that will seriously harm Upstate.

Facing a budget shortfall of $16 billion and a profound economic crisis, the Governor and legislature have proposed a budget that ignores economic common sense, crushes New Yorkers with $7 billion in new taxes, $9 billion in new spending, and slams the brakes on our hopes for recovery. Their budget included:
  • A three-year income tax surcharge on small businesses;
  • An additional $230M in new taxes on health insurance on top of over $500M added in February's deficit-reduction package;
  • Surcharges on gas and electric utility companies that the industry says will end up costing consumers at least $500 million. 
We need your immediate help to stop this onerous budget from becoming a reality.

Upstate New York currently has five representatives in the Senate MajorityTogether, they can STOP the other 27 members of their party - all of whom hail from downstate - from passing a budget that has negative economic implications for Upstate residents. But only if they hear it from all of us that live in Upstate New York.

Senator Aubertine: PH: 518-455-2761  FX: 518-426-6946  Email: Aubertine@senate.state.ny.us 
Senator Valesky: 518-455-2838
Senator Breslin: 518-455-2225
Senator Thompson: 518-455-3371
Senator Stachowski: 518-455-2426

Our Assembly representatives contact information is: 
Assemblywoman Jenne-Russell: PH: 518-455-4100          FX:  518-455-5751
Assemblywoman Scozzafava:     PH: 518-455-5797          FX: 518-455-5289

Please contact them now. They will be voting tomorrow!

Karen K. Delmonico
President & CEO
Greater Watertown-North Country Chamber of Commerce
1241 Coffeen St
Watertown, NY 13601
Ph: 315-788-4400
Fx: 315-788-3369
Email: karen@watertownny.com

Or perhaps you want to read Empire Center for New York State Policy's "A Job-Killing Budget" 


AreWhyLee said...

What a message to send struggling businesses in the middle of a recession --

We'll tax you more, raise your cost of doing business and wish you luck.

The only sensible response is to wave goodbye and take even more jobs out of the area.

Jefferson County already has an 11% unemployment rate. Will the Democrats not stop until it's 100%?

Anonymous said...

Karen, excuse me for not following you! We are not suppose to raise taxes, or cut services, but yet we have a budget shortfall. So, Karen where does the money come from. The old saying is you cannot have your cake and eat it to.

I would suggest that the members keep the dues they pay the chamber this year. I have always felt that you got an empty bag of groceries for the investment.

Again Karen I challange you, show me the money so that the painful cuts do not have to be made. Carry on Adie, Darrel and all the others. You are paid to make decisions that sometimes are painful.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Gov Silver. Raise them taxes. Screw them citizens. Cut nothing.

7:12 Cut the dishonest response. Or, do whatever you want. Are you defending a 9% increase in spending? Does ya think anything could have been cut?

Ya know, it had to get worse before it got better. The Great One gave us some money, which allow Scummer Silver to keep on spending. The Gov has been destroyed by special interest groups, and Smith is to green (that means NEW, NOT making any reference to race here, Green means inexperienced, no foolish emotional letters here)to have any influence. Therefore, Scummer leads. Scummer won.

It's ok. We can wait another year before we think on anything.

Anonymous said...

Fact check:

The Democrat budget raises spending by 10 percent!

The Democrat budget raises taxes by $8.5 billion!

The Democrat budget gives NY the highest income tax rate in the nation!

Why would anyone have a problem with any of that?

Anonymous said...

I had heard less than 9%, but hey, why quibble over a few bucks we don't have. After every starts to hide thier money the math won't work out anyway.

Bottom line is we just don't care. As Frog once said, it's about who gets the credit or the blame. He is right about that one.

I just hoped we would take a step towards reality. I did not realize how deep into the scum our leaders actually were. Fine group of people.

Anonymous said...

We all have to sacrifice in order to put NYS back on the right course. That may mean higher taxes and fewer services.

Quit whining and do your part. Be patriotic.

hermit thrush said...

please don't get too excited to hear from me, but i just want to correct your misstatement. you're confused -- i never said that, and actually at the time i was arguing for the opposite, that it's stupid to obsess over the credit/blame game. the relevant comment thread is here. and for the millionth time, how do you know i'm a "he" and not a "she"? do you really want to convince everyone you're sexist, in addition to all your other fine qualities?

Anonymous said...

Well hello my little tadpole.
Nope, I'm not 11:17, that's another sensible individual.

My advice to you is to keep your head down for a bit. Stay out of the road. All this anger about your party and the budget will soon pass. You will then be able to slip back into talking about

Bluuuueeee Liiiiiines

Hey Frog. This is what you wanted. The Dems rule the state. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

How about publishing Darrel's local number?

It's 782-3418.

They don't always answer and almost never return messages.

But he'll get the message anyway if we tie up the lines.

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