"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Practice What You Preach

After passing $1.2 trillion in spending plans that are loaded with earmarks; BO now decides he wants to get tough on the practice of earmarks.

Believe it when you see it, don't buy the talk.

Read BO's remarks here.

And yes, if we as American taxpayers are going to be shoulder to shoulder with everyone to foot the bill for this stuff, then McHugh has a right and job, to bring home as much as he can. The preference would be to elminate this practice, but absent of elmination we are paying equal to everyone else and deserve representation.


Dan Francis said...

Why are you making this personal and highlighting me like this?

I simply pointed out the hypocrisy of McHugh (twice said "No" to the Recovery bill) and yet "Yes" to the pork-laden bill.

And, you attack me? Very unbecomingof you, IV, really.

I may have to reconsider visiting here; not out of any anger but out of disappointment.

Dan Francis said...

FN: I am against all forms of "pork, member items, or demonstration projects (official name for pork in Congress)," and have been for years....

If any member wants these things, then let them stand alone in a bill and see how far they get.

* $1.8 million to work on pig shit ordor? Give me a break. (Sen. Tom Harkin in Iowa - and yes, it's a real item).

Political IV said...

Was not intended to be personal attack, just a challenge of your thought pattern. I apologize and removed your name. Regrets.

Dan Francis said...

IV: maybe "personal" attack was too strong - but I wondered why you put me in the spotlight - not that it bothers me, but caught me off guard.

My thought pattern is challenged enough, LOL.

No offense taken. But my point about McHugh's hypocrisy stands... he can't have it both ways
(against the recovery bill yet for the porky bill) ... that's my point.

Dan Francis said...

More on this topic

Taxpayers in Congressional District 23 (McHugh) will pay $1.6billion for total Iraq war spending approved to date.

For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided:

258,635 Scholarships for SUNY students for one year.

More from here Cost of war for us

Open "Trade Off" window to see other areas.

Anonymous said...

I understand Dan's point. But Dan, you are taking a pretty tough stand on things. I'm not sure how well us govment lovers here in NNY would take it if we didn't swallow our share of the fat. It is hard to stand alone when the country is lining up at the pork bowl. Look how tough that is to do on the state level. Watch our schools line up to spend millions for fear Long Island will get their share of the pork. We always spend when we don't have to, just because others are doing it.

But I see your point Dan, and if only we could follow your standards on this we would all be better off.

Political IV said...


It is probably no surprise, but I absolutely agree with McHugh's position. He voted against based on what he saw in the bill that he did not like. BUT it passed, and his constituents are paying the tab. Therefore, he has a responsibility to get (and I dislike this term) our "fair share."

Dan Francis said...

IV: I understand what you're saying, too. But, the divide between our views on this is wide.

An elected official is compelled to deliver the goods home, I fully understand that ... but he put party politics (his two "No" votes on the Recovery bill) ahead of country first in my view and then he lined up at the trough to somehow try and redeem himself ...

In good times, I'd agree with you ... but times are not good now -- we're in bad shape and the little "porkies" do matter in these tough times.

The country MUST always come first ... otherwise, there is no "us" in USA, in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

No disagreement, Daniel.

Again, I understand your point and agree.

But this system is you fight what you disagree with. McHugh did that. I don't see that as anti-country. What you see as good for the US I see as very bad (stimumlus borrowing and spending). But once the bill is passed, upstate NY can't afford not to partake. I don't see it as hypocrisy or an effort to redeem himself. I see it as dealing with reality.

As long as the country goes along with the Chosen One's tidal wave of spending, this is what many pols will be reduced to doing. Fight it all they want, but they will have to get on the train when it leaves. I just hope we don't irrepairably harm the nation. I'm afraid that is what we are doing. We don't have the money to solve everything facing us, as if more govment would do the job anyway.

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