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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who Do Conservatives Want

A straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for who Conservatives prefer for their candidate in the 2012 election cycle.

Mitt Romney — 20 percent
Bobby Jindal — 14 percent
Sarah Palin — 13 percent
Ron Paul — 13 percent
Newt Gingrich — 10 percent
Mike Huckabee — 7 percent
Mark Sanford — 4 percent
Rudy Giuliani — 3 percent
Tim Pawlenty — 2 percent
Charlie Crist — 1 percent


LiberalLaugh said...

Sarah Palin has tax problems!!!


Anonymous said...

Sarahcuda has a lot more problems than taxes. This country would never elect a woman as POTUS.

Anonymous said...

You're right. She's the wrong kind of woman. Women are fine to elect as long as they think the right way.

Dan Francis said...

I didn't see Flush Rimbowl on that list - what's with that? I thought he WAS Mr. Conservative, then why doesn't he prove it?

Oh, I see, "just an entertainer, who is toxic and ugly?"

He's perfect, then?

Anonymous said...

Some slogans for 'Joe the plumber'

Fix government plumbing
Vote for Joe

Joe the Vote
Vote for Joe

Flush Washington
Vote for Joe

Watergate was screwed up by unlicenced plumbers.
Vote for Joe

Jiggle the handle
Vote for Joe

Dan Francis said...

More like "Joe the Plunger."

What a blockhead... and enjoying his fame ... pitiful that the GOP clings to "rising stars" like him or Bobby "not even his real, legal name" Jindal or up to her eyeballs in scandal Plain Sarah, not even to name the has been's: Rudy, Gingrich, Romney, Huck Mikeabee, and a few others, and esp their newly-minted RNC chair: Lush Rimbowl..."the entertainer."

Anonymous said...

Danny you seem extra bitter in your comments. Rush get under your skin recently?

Why is the left always intolerant of those with views that are not identical to their own.

Doesn't both parties cling to rising stars? If the press gives them a free ride they become president. Their scandals are ignored, their associates scandals are ignored. Agree with her or not Palin was scrutinized more than anyone else in the final four. Obama would have been toast under the same scrutiny.


hermit thrush said...

Why is the left always intolerant of those with views that are not identical to their own. [sic]

the right is certainly no better. (and i don't mean that to condone intolerance on either side.)

and as for palin, yes, please keep making excuses for her!

Anonymous said...

I would take peewee hermin over obamba. Now there is a TAX problem. Amerca just don't know it yet. Problem is by the time we do it'll be to late. ENJOY

Dan Francis said...

JJ or Anon 9:01: Tolerate Limbaugh, surely you jest -- I get on everyone of his ilk, DEMs, included?

Rimbaugh is a bigot (he calls many women Femi-Nazi); does radio spots with "Afro-American" accent (chillrin instead of children and axe instead of ask); is a drug addict of sorts (Oxycontin abuse, doctor shopping, and in possession of other people's Rx bottles); a first-class hypocrite (I think he was married what 3-4 times and still flaunts "family values" - whose family, I wonder?; and on top of all that, he's a narrow-minded scum-bucket who gets paid $100 million a year to tear down what he says "is his country."

Give me a frickin' --

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, I've come to respect you more and more. But lots of folks are inconsistant on some of the things in their lives. Not everything works out as you want it to. Divorce happens to a lot of people. And the drug thing would have been handled differently, had he not been singled out for "different" treatment.

By the way, you were right in your letter to the Times to talk of spending being the real problem with government. I agree with you when you urge us not to single out vets when criticizing tax breaks. But Dan, you and I know that you support most every expenditure of bucks there is. You're a spending kind of guy. At least I don't hear you hollering for cuts. Schools, healthcare, vets, they all deserve more money according to you. Yet you wail on spending. Does that make you a hypocrite? I do NOT think it does. But I have listened to you for a long time. I used to think you were. You need to come to love Rush as I have come to love you.

We all have to come to some kind of agreements as to how we are going to cut spending. Both parties are giving us an unsustainable buildup of fat. This cannot last. If we keep going as we are you better factor in a barbed wire fence for that $300k property of yours. I heard your comments on that too. The assessment went up a lot I heard. But Dan, what do you expect with our government falling all over itself spending money they don't have. They have to get it from people like you. You know, rich guys.

Have a good night, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you Kermit. I think conservatives definitely are more tolerant of disagreement. For along time, before they were marginalized, the Christian right stood out with their condemnation of others. But regular folk conservatives don't usually resort to the terms you people do. Nazis, war criminals (rememeber that one don't you), fools, phobes of all kinds, haters, racists...these are all terms used primarily by lefties. Just saying something doesn't make it true, my dear frog friend.

Still no cardinals. Maybe the warm weather will change things.

hermit thrush said...

Just saying something doesn't make it true, my dear frog friend.

and the same to you, my friend! you surely won't be surprised to hear that i object to most of your comment. but rather than nitpick at every little thing (some of which aren't so little, though), i'll just make the horrible blanket statement that i think you could only write that if you live in a world where you simply ignore almost all the intolerance coming from the right. and you, in turn, surely disagree with that, and that's fine. if you want to have a good-faith discussion about it, then go ahead. but, unfairly of me or not, the quality of our previous discussions hasn't left me all that excited to get into it.

good luck with the cardinal!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, Frog.

I get where political correctness, fueled by your side of things, makes me so mad I have trouble looking at any of it. We can let one go.

My blue jays have disappeared. Lots of finches. The woodpeckers have stayed pretty steady, but the ones I have seem to be smaller. My book tells me I'm now getting redpolls, another kind of finch type creature. NO Cardinals since the Super Bowl, I kid you not.

I've got some birdhouses up, so that should be interesting. I've never tried them before. I've got some land near a stream, so I'm going to put some kind of birdhouses down there too. If I get a Cardinal you will be the first to know.

Enjoy the warm weekend.

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