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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Musings

The City of Watertown Fire Chief, Dan Gaumont, is departing for the City of Keller in Texas, certainly best wishes to him, he has done a fine job in Watertown.

But, here is an interesting comparison between the City of Keller and the City of Watertown.

City of Watertown:
Population 27,000
Fire department staff 83
3 Fire stations
Responds along with paid paramedics from Guilfoyle

City of Keller:
Population 40,000
Fire department staff 54
2 Fire stations, just adding a third.
The 54 members staff include their own paramedics.


In another interesting thought, the Watertown Daily Times did a story on property exemptions, which include this;

The city does not collect property taxes,which would total $222.7 million, on 172 properties owned by thecounty, state, Watertown City School District, Jefferson CountyIndustrial Development Agency and Watertown Housing Authority.
Now, it would be interesting if one government, school district etc., had to pay property taxes to another entity. For instance, Watertown City School paid property taxes to Jefferson County and the City of Watertown and the County paid property taxes to the city, and school, etc. Would this make local governments a little bit more aware of the impact of property taxes if they paid them?


Anonymous said...

Any wonder why we are going under as a state!!!! Thank you NYS CIVIL SERVICE>

Anonymous said...

Cheap trailer homes in Texas usually burn up long before the firetrucks arrive. As for forest fires, there isn't any trees left, nor grass or shrubs for that matter. Only Bushes just transplanted, thank God.

Dan Francis said...

City "leaders" found out about this in the news... swell... nothing like keeping your "boss/city" informed until after the fact... I guess that's okay?

Anonymous said...

Respectfully 10:06, it isn't the fault of Civil Service, it is our fault. The fault of the people, the voters, the citizens.

Whenever a special interest, be it schools, roads, healthcare, bums and the unemployed, anybody at all, wants money, we question nothing. We just add the taxes to the current bill. Media bends over and supports them. And we return the same criminals to public office. Then we wonder why we have to visit our kids in North Carolina, Texas, or some other place where people are more reasonable about spending.

And 2:55, I don't blame you for hiding under a misconception about trailer homes and the usual bs about George Bush. It is difficult for us to admit how stupid we are, and for you to retreat to the same old same old is understandable. Obviously, you haven't spend time in Texas, and obviously, you're not smart enough to make a coherent argument about why people continue to leave NY State. So you are right to stick to the tried and true comments. People are more comfortable with it anyway. Why face facts when we can keep telling ourselves the same crap you dribble out.

Dan, Chief doesn't have to tell anyone about job prospects.

Anonymous said...

10:44 Your the one who's living with misconceptions. Texas is dead last for people who graduated with a High School Diploma and number #7 for having the most people living below the poverty line. Naturally they are in the top five of people living in trailer parks. Duh!
"Obviously, you haven't spend time in Texas (the real texas), and obviously, you're not smart enough to make a coherent argument about why people in New York think people in Texas are stupid and ignorant.
Actually Texas seems like a good fit for you. Hey 10:44 with your GED Diploma, Texans will follow you like a god.

Anonymous said...

Is fighting fires in Texas even necessary?
PIV should move to Texas. He would appear normal there.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, 8:53. You've found a "fact" that supports your attitude. What Texas suffers from is an influx of illegal aliens. That is one of their shortcomings. That is what contributes the negative education levels and effects poverty levels. But you aren't racist are you? You're probably one of the folks who champions open borders as long as it does't effect you. Which probably does make you a racist.

And no Sir, graduate degree here. I'll be in NY just long enough to make sure your kids send checks to another state for the next 35 years. Pay on, fool. I have harsh words for you, but inside, I nothing but love for you and your unquestioning buds. You have made my lifestyle possible. Nowhere else in America is such waste possible to tap in on. And you just lap it up and pay for it. Good boy.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 10:44 -- maybe not, but it's called common decency for publicly-paid employees and the last time I looked, the Chief is.

I don't blame or fault him for moving on or up... but the city should have known he was looking to move on.

BTW: He had to give permission for his new employer to check with his old one, right?

Or have we abandoned that aspect, too?

Anonymous said...

10:41 I'm impressed, Graduate Degree Really? Maybe a 30 credit Masters in Liberal Studies over the internet. Good for you.

You are a true Republican for sure. All of Texas's problems are because of hard working Mexicans, according to your own statement. Then you start accusing me of being a racist because I back up all my statements with just the facts.
New York has immigrants too, what you call illegal aliens. I guess the smart immigrants move to NY and the dumb ones move to Texas. Is that what's happening in Texas to make the IQ levels so low. Only 50% of high school students, that's 1 out of every 2, take the SAT's. The high school students, the most promising of college bound young people who take the SAT's. Yet the average score of 482 is lowest of any state, and just 10 points higher then DC.
You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh and 10:41, here's another source, for those SAT scores, since your only gullible for information from Rush, Sean, Mike, Ann, Drudge, or if 'W' said it. Forget PIV s/he only regurgitates those named above.
Truth is painful, not to worry though. In America every humanoid, has the right to vote, some even become President.

Dan Francis said...

Ah, ha - new twist The Chief: 30, pushups, 50 situps and two-mile run?

Anonymous said...

Then President I will be. Just you wait and see. Then where will you be?

I just wish we could learn a few things from Texas, such as putting money away and LEAVING it so kids can go to college for next to nothing at state schools. You wouldn't find that here. Too many special interests entitled to the money. Many who claim to LOVE KIDS.

I can tell you've never been there guy. As the Chinese used to say, it is better to travel 10,000 miles than read 10,000 books. Or in your case, talk to 10,000 people who believe, or want to believe, the same thing. One thing to remember, most of the people who say what you say, publicly, know what we've done here in NY is wrong. I mean, where are you going to be traveling to visit your kids? Unless they are teachers or working for the state, you are going to be driving somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I thought you'd have something to say about the vets' tax exemptions. De podium is yours.

I don't like 'em. But you could have guessed that.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 7:40 -- my Vet tax exemption letter to the editor should appear in a day or so at the TIMES. Be ready to cut it out and paste it in your photo albumn since you obviously are very interested in my fine literary work.


Anonymous said...

I will look for it, and I will save it, Dan. What I won't do is pay for that joke of a paper. You will have to let us know if they edit the letter so much it says something different than what you intended. I never understood why the WDT did that. A dying newspaper who is afraid of opinions. When they finally are buried, no one will know the date they actually died. They have been fading for a long time.

Dan Francis said...

My position on Vets and tax exemptions that some of you wondered about can be found here Stop Blaming Vets for High(er) Taxes!!!

Watertown City "leaders" and I use that word "leaders" loosely, need to look in the mirror -- most of the causes of our problems can be found there.

In any cases, get off the Vets...

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