"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Democrat-led Albany is a disgrace!

State Democrats have abandoned their pledge to bring openness, transparency and reform to scandal-scarred and special interest-dominated Albany, and reverted to more secretive and exclusionary state government than ever.

The NY Daily News kicked off a multi-part series of reports on dysfunctional Albany, titles "State of Shame," with an in-depth look at corruption, secrecy and ineffectiveness of the state's Democrat-led government.

"This year, reformers hoped the legislative gridlock would be broken when Democrats took control of the Senate, giving the party control of the governor's mansion and both houses of the Legislature for the first time since the New Deal.  Instead, the situation in the Senate has been worse than ever."

"Who pays for all this? We do: with sky-high taxes, expensive policy, bad laws and laughably ineffective public servants."

Read the first part of the series at: NY Daily News 

Albany 'of the people?' No, it's 'Damn the people!'

The News follows the first installment of the series with a stinging editorial on Democrat-led Albany dysfunction.

"The rot emanates from a Legislature whose ways and procedures bear no resemblance to anything ever written in a handbook on US civics."

"Sure as night follows day when politicians operate without public accountability, Albany has descended into a culture of chiseling and outright crime. New York deserves much better."

Read more at: NY Daily News 

And Upstate papers agree ...

So much for openess'

"Because both houses are now Democratic, the process can be called "three Democratic men in a room." Now, not only the public and rank-and-file legislators are left out of the discussion. An entire political party is on the sideline."

"Sure, it must be difficult to oppose lobbyists' requests for money. But that's what politicians are elected to do. And they are elected to do it in public."

Read more at: Syracuse.Com 

Dem control in Albany fails to get results

The Auburn Citizen complains about the lack of openness in the current budget negiotiations.

"When the Democrats finally do emerge from their hole and proclaim the great achievement of having reached a budget agreement this year, they should explain why they couldn't get this done sooner and with significantly more public discussion."

"For a party that has full control of the Legislature for the first time since the 1930s, the Democrats sure are blowing the opportunity."

Read more at: Auburn Pub 

Budget crisis? Senate Democrats give 'lavish' staff raises

Despite a budget crisis that's leading to higher taxes, cuts in education and health care, and possible layoffs of state employees, State Senate Democrats are handing out double-digit staff raises—at taxpayer expense, of course.

Buffalo Sen. Bill Stachowski handed out whopping raises of 40 to 55 percent, while some aides to Sen. Antoine Thompson have doubled their pay.

"We don't buy 'To the victor goes the spoils,' " said a good-government advocate, referring to Democrats arguments that the raises are warranted because they took control of state government last year. "Taxpayers pay for the service. And they all deserve the same service."

Read more at: Buffalo News 

1,000 join taxpayer 'revolt'

Over 1,000 Upstate taxpayers turned out on the shores of Lake Erie to protest higher taxes in the state budget and gripe about secretive Albany government.

Angry taxpayers at the "Tea Bag Party" protest handed over wads of cash to organizers to help fight what they said is an Albany government that has lost touch with Upstate.

"We got to let people know what the hell is going on. It's got to start somewhere. It should have started a while ago. Look what we got in New York, three men in a room!" said one protester.

"I don't like the fact that upstate New York has almost no representation. They're talking about new fees. They're just getting into our pockets for everything and driving away business," said another.

Read more at:  Lockport Union-Sun & Journal


hermit thrush said...

why is there a blue line running down the left of this post?

hermit thrush said...

and now, where has the blue line gone?

Anonymous said...

I don't see it..the blue line that is.

As far as the rest of this, it appears that despite the change in Albany, nothing has changed on Albany. I'm trying to think if I give a sh*t. Let's see, kids are safely out of state or in a govment job. My health insurance is permanent, so no matter what I keep that. Don't really need to worry about state wage increases, so if Shelly grows a set (absolutely impossible) I don't have to worry about increases. House paid for, so the lies about property tax increases are digestable. All my stuff is taxpayer financed, which means with the help of our caring politicians, I'm in no danger of losing anything.

Nope, I don't care how stupid NYers are. In fact, I'm with Hermit. Instead of talking about the continued screwing of our future, let's concentrate on the blue line running down the left hand side of this post.

Political IV said...


Don't let things like a blue line or whatever serve as red herring.

What about the issues?

Anonymous said...

Issues, I don't see no issues. Shelly continues to be a crook with nothing in mind but himself. The new guy, Smith, has no idea how anything works. And the Gov lost his credibility.

No changes. Backroom deals. Spending continues. Bama boy bailed us out for a few months so we can ignore the problems, for a few months.

We don't need no stinkin' issues.
We need dumbass NYers.

Well, we don't need them. We got tons of them.

Congrats to Shelly, Smitty, and the Gov.

Dan Francis said...

Q: The most dangerous thing to fear in the world: Nukes, nope; Angry lover, nope; Jilted bride, nope; Failed student, nope; Lemon car, nope? What pray tell?

A: Herd of Elephants on a political rant that turns into a political rampage in Upstate NY.

hermit thrush said...

my point was that your post looked, and still reads, like you just cut-and-pasted from a forwarded email -- yet you've given no attribution and passed it off entirely as your own. hopefully i'm wrong about that. as for the issues, i happen to agree with you on quite a lot of them. it's hard not to be cynical when it comes to nys government.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame this on elephants, Danny. There were none in the room.
Give credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

Cynical, my dear Frog?

No, let's me more specific Hermit. One of the main issues that propelled the Democrats to control of state government was the need for a more open process. The donkeys rightly attacked the three men in a room deal that has led to spending we cannot afford and the continued loss of the future of our state.

Now we have the same thing. Your party lied, Hermit. Nothing has changed. You want to talk about being "cynical" about state government and whether a website gives enough links. Or in moments of real challenge, you discuss blue lines at the margins of postings. I guess if I were you I'd rather talk about that than the issue of dishonest Democrats.

Hey, life is good. The stupid taxpayers will shell out once again. So I guess all is well.

hermit thrush said...

why oh why are you still on the frog kick? if you really think this is such an important issue, then why not discuss it in a serious, respectful way? as i think i've made quite plain before, you give me zero reason to respond.

Anonymous said...

Big shocker the 12 years of Pataki spending like a drunken sailer have finally caught up with us. I beleive in those years the elephants were in control of 2 of 3 houses.
Now we have a massive defecit that needs to be closed. So the democrats who are now in control have to make incredibly tough decisions. Like raise taxes and cut services to attempt to cut the deficit. IV how short is your memory? Why didnt you mention how we got to this mess? Oh thats right because you are a partisan jackass.

Anonymous said...


You be right, Tadpole, there is no reason to respond. If I were you I would keep my mouth shut too.

Concentrate on the
Bllluuueee Liiiine.

Today's headline, Taxes Up, Spending Up, and you have no reason to respond.


Blue Line Baby
Why, oh why do we have a Blue Line?


I have no reason to stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, jackass. OOooooo.

Explain one thing. Why is spending continuing to rise? You own the legislature. Pataki is gone. Elephants are gone. You promised change. So why is spending continuing to rise, 4:16? Or do you think that is ok?

It's fine with me I'm cashing those checks. But your kids are getting kind of worn out.

Or don't you care?
Who is the real jackass?

As I so respectfully said to Frog.

Tell your kids thanks.

hermit thrush said...

well then, my little troll friend! i confess i didn't really expect you to act the adult, but i had no idea we were all in store for something so, well, maniacal. so i guess that's that! and now it's your big chance -- you can get the last word in, and i promise i won't respond. go get 'em! don't let us down!


Anonymous said...

But you just DID respond, my dear Frog.


Ya did just fine, little polywogggg

Watch for the Blue Lines

This is just great

Clue. I didn't expect you to say anything of substance about the budget. I expected just what you're doing.



Please keep not responding.
Goooolie you're tough.

Anonymous said...

I think this budget crisis really exposes just how stupid normal voters are. People want top knotch healthcare and education yet we dont want to pay for it. We want small government, yet we want more government oversight on crooked CEO's, transparancy (which requires more staff), the brightest minds (whom require higher salaries), and responsivness (larger staff to handle caseload). We want our children to be safe, yet we want less gun laws and dont want to pay higher taxes for police. And we hate politicians yet we continue to elect the same people year in and year out. The list could go on and on. So this is to all you people who continue to bitch about how bad our politicians are doing on this budget: You tell me how you would solve a 17 billion dollar budget gap while appeasing the entire state of NY, and before you answer, really think about how big of a number 17 billion is. You people should realize by now that you are sitting here posting on blogs because you are not smart enough to actually be solving the states problems, so stop bitching and leave it to the people who's job it is unless you really are planning on doing something about it.

Anonymous said...

Total crap 9:41. And from the level of your writing you know it.

You mention healthcare and education. And make the hollow claim that NYers don't want to pay for it. A slight fact. We pay more for education and healthcare, as well as healthcare for the poor, than anyone else. We also lead the nation in healthcare fraud. We also lead the nation in shoving money into body cavities of the teacher union. Which makes us proud. Don't spew the bs that we refuse to pay for these things. We do. People are leaving the state in droves because they cannot pay for all the love that these special interests have for children. And the kids themselves have to leave when they graduate because there is nothing left for them.

You mention gun laws. We have arguably the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. So spare us the sermon about keeping our kids safe. Guns laws are obeyed by law abiding people, but I'll save the yapping. You've obviously thought that subject through with your emotions and not your brain.

The funny thing is if you truly cared about the children, you would be willing to admit that the road we are on, taxing, spending, and running people out of the state, is unsustainable. But I'll bet you're sucking off the system like many of us. And quite happy to keep things as they are.

You want suggestions? FREEZE SPENDING. Tell every principal, tell every state department head, every hospital social chairman, everyone, that what they got last year is what they get next year. Not what they are projected to get. Not what they think they need. What they actually received. We will have to do that for a couple of years. But it will never happen, because folks like you make excuses. And you're too busy looking out for yourself.

Ya know Chief. I'm with ya. Excuses are fine with me. Bring on the bs. Let's just keep giving it to them stupid taxpayers. It won't be long before I'm telling your kids where to mail the check.

Raise spending again next year.
What a fine, thinkin' citizen you are.

Did the Frog croak? Surely he will come to your defense.

Anonymous said...

State spending went up almost 9% in this budget.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, maybe it's better that they don't try to defend themselves.

It is what it is.

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