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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready, Aim...

Senator Schumer Jr Gillibrand, who was a blug dog of sorts trying to turn left as fast as she can, continues to be on the firing squad of Democrats looking to oust her from her hand picked Senator seat.

Auntie June is in the scope of the squad also, her hands off this Juny or else they say.



Anonymous said...

What a damn shame. The Dems apppoint a moderate and their whackjob faction goes nuts. I hope Kirsten sticks to her priciples and wins a primary if it comes to that.

Choosing her was one of the things the Gov did right.

Dan Francis said...

Actually she has stuck to the principals that Schumer, Reid and the Senate Dems want her to stick to.

Schumer made the point about "gun control" clear when she was introduced to NYS and Schumer quipped on that topic as well as a few others:

"Oh, she will come around [to our way of thinking] when she see the whole in perspective..."

[I paraphrase, but this is very close to what Schumer actually said, and the message was heard loud and clear: "If you want to keep the job, turn left"].

That's what makes politics shitty and turns people off -- it certainly does me.

I won't conform to party rules and party mandates or whatever, unless I happen to see that is what the people want me to conform to. Novice - perhaps... but also a strong principle.

Gillibrand is "going along to get along..." that is not service to the people.


Anonymous said...

I've seen that slant as well, Dan. But I wonder if it is just that. What else are the NYC fools going to say? They have to claim she has changed her beliefs on personal freedom, as well as the Constitution. If she has, then she is no better that all the others.

I still have an idea that this is media speak, and the woman still believes in her principles. I do hope that is the case.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, Kirsten will do as she's told. She a good Democrat and good Democrats follow the party line.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:21; What the hell is a "good" Democrat, or "good" Republican for that matter?

* One who lock steps to the mandate of the party chiefs?

* One who doesn't think for him/her self or doesn't even try?

* One who doesn't make waves even when waves are neeed to shake up things within their party... yes, "their" party, too?

If "good" means shut up, put up and go along to get along sort of "good" Democrat or Republican, then count me out.

Surely you jest ... LOL ...

Not in my books.

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