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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What A Bunch Of Clowns

Albany and the Democrats running our state are disgraceful. This is the worse process in years and sadly for New Yorker's the most expensive ever and our Senator Darrel Aubertine is a non-factor in Albany.

The new budget hammered out by state Democrats behind closed doors was derided as “staggering” for the size of its increased spending, and “disgraceful” for the way it was secretly negotiated. The plan hikes taxes by $8 billion, and spending by $12 billion. It eliminates STAR tax rebates in the mail, expands the bottle deposit, and increases fees on licenses that will hit Upstate particularly hard. 
But Democrats made sure to keep nearly $200 million in “pork” barrel funding to spread around their districts. This is how the Aubertine and the bunch will attempt to make you forget poor process and lack of any reform in Albany, they will spread money around and make announcements.
"One Senate Democrat compared the situation to leaving a bucket of dead fish to rot on a sun-soaked dock."
It is not the same old - same old in Albany, it is far worse.
Read more here - NY Times or NY Post


Dan Francis said...

The heart of the budget "deal" as seen from my foxhole:

* The huge spending plan is $10.7 billion higher than the bare-bones plan Gov. Paterson released less than four months ago in a call for fiscal austerity.

* It comes in the wake:

1. $4 billion soak-the-rich income-tax hike,

2. elimination of a $1.5 billion property-tax rebate plan,

3. $2.3 billion in new and extended business taxes and nuisance fees.

Among other things, the budget would:

1. add nickel deposits to bottled water,

2. ratchet up taxes on beer and cigars,

3. raise income taxes at least 14.5 percent on families making more than $300,000 a year.


Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) and Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) refuse to give up even a dime of the notorious $170 million slush fund lawmakers use to dole out grants to favored nonprofits and community groups (member items).

Watch them brag with the "stuff comes" home, or bitch and moan when it doesn't...

THE BL: We keep 'em in office - so, we have complants except the nearest mirror ... IMHO.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, are you one of those rich people who will be touched by those higher taxes? You can be Wiley will be. Travel might be curtailed.

Anonymous said...

The guy does re-writes and edits for travel books and web sites and travels on expense account. You should be so lucky angry anon. troll. Get happy, get a life, get some ambition and do something for yourself other than troll here and attack people with different ideas.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Patterson will give $500,000 to AIS Race track like Pataki did? The real clown left town, and now the democrats have to try to rebuild the burned down house. Eight years of Pataki was like National Lampoon's the Animal House.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo. Troll. Oooooo.

Just keep the checks coming, and pay your taxes on time.

You're right. Part of me is very angry. But most of me is laughing at people like you. This isn't a good time for party line donkeys. They don't want to be seen to much right now. So I don't blame you for trying to make me the topic of discussion. Some want to talk about little blue lines. You want to talk about me. Anything but the budget.

Keep paying. And keep voting the way you do. I sure am enjoying your kids' future.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 1:50: Me, one of the rich guys? Surely you jest.

My family and I live comfortable on three government pensions (USMC, DOD, and Social Security) and my 401(k) while a civilian employee for 22 years. Put two kids through SUNY schools, am helping them pay off debts and my mortgage is about three years from being paid off in full ... my two cars are paid for - we have no debt per se (one credit card paid in full each month) and my wife can stretch a penny into a dime.

We live in the City of Watertown, so we pay quite high taxes ... on the income scale, I guess my family and I are middle income. We have no complaints, except about wild-ass government spending and silly political-speak about taxes, which never really go away or down.

I'm just like Justice Potter Stewart who once quipped about porn, when I say about wild government spending, "I know it when I see it ..."

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I was rootin' for ya, Danny. With you livin' in that rich part of Watertown, I thought you might be rich already.

Well, the way things are going, you might be next year. Just sit tight. Or are you gonna follow that Limbaugh guy and write your letters from another state?

I'll betcha Wiley is a rich guy.
Jim Wright is for sure. I figure with Shelly running the show, I'm about three years away from being rich. I never thought I'd make it.

The American Dream is finally mine.
I can't wait to pay my fair share.

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