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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 9, 2009

Charlie swears with a smile on his face

Now this is a true politician, telling someone to mind their own "g d business" while smiling at him.


RWiley said...

'The ACLU would lay down in front of this train if it was ever debated. "

GOD BLESS THE ACLU! They kept Republican leader Rush Limbaugh out of Jail.

ACLU Comes to Rush Limbaugh's Defense

Dan Francis said...

A classic case of got cha'
"political reporting" by Jason Mattera as measured by the shit-eating smirk on Mattera's face as he turns back towards the camera and Rangel gets in the elevator.

Mattera set him up -- he comes across as a nice guy just wanting to meet his member of Congress, then kapow ... that's the low part - not what Rangel said.

The way I saw it.

Anonymous said...

And now we go the other way.

Dan makes sense and Wiley laps up donkey pablum and reguritates it.


Is this what they told you to say, Mr Wiley? Is this the new campaign slogan for you sheep?

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha

Anonymous said...

Now you stoop to pick on poor Congressman Rangel. I believe his position and seniority make him deserved of the benefits that he has. He is serving this country in the House of Representatives and that is worthy of more respect than you are affording here.

I, for one, don't appreciate the racial inference of the "Cadillac" comment. PIV, you can do better than this.

Anonymous said...

You're right, 11:41, anyone with the sleaze and balls to decide he doesn't need to pay taxes deserves respect. Another unrepentent tax cheat holding a high office in the Democrat party.

He is serving his country, if you can call stealing from it a service. But you don't mind details like that, do you? If he apologized, payed all the back taxes immediately and stepped down from chairmanship positions I'd call it even. He doen't have to, cause of folks like you who don't care.

Anonymous said...

I am quite confident that, if Congressman Rangel had REALLY done anything wrong, Speaker Pelosi would have handled the situation appropriately.

This is just another sad attempt to use mis-information to deflect attention away from the mess caused by the Repubs.

hermit thrush said...

anon 7:31 has a lot more confidence in pelosi than i do, at least when it comes to this! i think rangel's tax issues are a serious matter, and he must be held accountable for them -- anon 10:06's prescription sounds right on to me. so far as i'm aware, there's a house ethics committee investigation into his behavior. surely no action will be taken against him until the investigation concludes, but here's hoping pelosi and the dems have the guts to stick it to him when it does.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Ta,,,er, Hermit Sir.

Queen Pelosi cannot be counted on to do anything that is not in the interests of her party.

Good post, Mr Thrush.

hermit thrush said...

or maybe it should be ms. thrush?

Anonymous said...

If indeed it is Ms Thrush, my view of the world has been stood on its head. I am forever confused.

You got me on that one.

Could that possibly be the case?

I guess anything is possible.

I won't be able to sleep at night.

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