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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

23rd Congressional District - Issues? Not A Chance

This race has quickly become anything but about the issues that effect the people of the 23rd District. This race is now seen as a bellwether not on the issues - on the National GOP. It has totally lost its focus on the people of the district or the day to day issues that effect us.

And thanks to people like Scozzafava campaign spokesman Matt Burns, who is suppose to understand the media and the rules of engagement, but failed to realize a basic fundamental - not make an issue a week long story instead of a day story.  Here is a taste of what we have in front of us for the remainder of this race.

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Dan Francis said...

I saw this last night was going to use that same screen grab at my 23 site... but went this this one instead.

Dark Shadows in this Race

* Issues, you are correct ... we don't need no stinkin' issues.

* We have fancy, expensive Ads instead.

This "PR race" is pathetic... truly it is - one for the record books as the most-expensive, least interesting and poorest run race in modern history.

And, the worst is yet to come.

Fred said...

Worst broadcast ever. I want my 10 minutes of life back!

Anonymous said...

Fred must be a narrow-minded or closed-minded righty?

Anonymous said...

She would have been so much beter off if she would have fired Matt Burns a long time ago. He has brought he down so many times.

Anonymous said...

For the anti-Dede crowd (on gay issues) ... a worthwhile 3 minutes...

86 years old and smart as a whip

Are you as open-minded? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about any of this?
If the Dem wins, our taxes go up and Pelosi continues to get anything she wants.
If the Rep wins, our taxes go up and Pelose continues to get anything she wants.
If the Cons wins, he gets a dial phone, media ignores him, our taxes go up and Pelosi continues to get anything she wants.

You did this to yourselves people. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that Scozzafava's press thing in front of Hoffman's office was her stepping aside and throwing her support to Hoffman.

I was gonna vote for DEde, but I am now leaning to Hoffman since I don't believe Scozzafava can win.

I am surely not voting for another Lawyer for congress

I am waiting for the next poll. If Scozzafava is within striking distance I will stay, but I don't think that will be the case looking at this weeks bullsh*(t

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