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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Have They Made The Grade

Let's take a look at some basic fundamentals of running a campaign and grade whether or not the Scozzafava campaign folks have passed or failed.

a. Raised campaign funds to run a successful campaign. Grade F

b. Use marketing effectively to define your candidate, never let your opponent define the candidate. Grade F

c. Campaign workers never become the news story. Grade F

d. Create a message and stay on it, do not let your opposition knock you off message. Grade F

e. Use earned media through press conference, press releases and events to highlight issues important to residents of the 23rd district. Grade F

f. Assess situations such as press conference and events for the upsides and downsides. Grade F

g. Be ready to address your weaknesses, stick to your strengths and attack your opponents weakness.  Grade F

h. Never, Never take on the media, especially the opposing media, in this case the dean of the conservatives William Kristol. Grade F

Have they done anything right? Not sure yet, there is a little less than two weeks to go, they still have time to get something right.

The situation, mood and atmosphere for this campaign was right; the country and for the most part this district was leery of being pushed to the left too far too fast. People are a bit apprehensive of the agenda in the country, this race should have been much different than the 20th Congressional race. It is, welcome 23rd CD to the conservative movement.

Novice campaign people should have been able to run this race and win it.


Anonymous said...

All three candidates are pitiful. A vote for hoffman is anti dede vote, hoffman is a monotone dud, the man was 10 out of 10 in the gop run off. Then you have scuzziewuzzie i mean scozzafava..just cant seem to get that name right..i have a feeling im not the only one..her problem is she is really a Dem. And finally we have the phantom bill "i created 1000 i mean 500 jobs" owens. Where is this guy, where is he on the issues. The 23rd is fucked when it comes to this horrible slate of wanna be's

Dan Francis said...

More piling on. There is no end in sight. Sad. Read Hoffman's WDT interview results ... the man is truly a dud. Then add in the calls for Dede to drop out ... pathetic ... this one is the latest from outside:

Washington TIMES

I have one word for that ultra-conservative rag and the Rev. Moon (owners and ultra-radical Korean-American nutty preacher who thinks he is God): “Take you frickin' rag and stuff it.”

I ask the voters to write-in my name and watch the fireworks and get great service in the end. How's that?


(P.S. Holding conservative views on certain issues is NOT the same as holding rabid ultra-rightwing views on red meat issues that divide and harm us more. And, that is why about 99.9% are out of step with most of America.

There is a huge difference between those two conservative points of view – sadly, many people confuse the two. But, they had better realize that before a huge, huge mistake is made on Nov. 3rd – IMHO).

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Dede should jump all over this latest "Hoffman endorsement."

Bachmann and Palin for Doug?

If Hoffman accepts that - he should be done - stick a fork in him and watch the hot air escape.

They are playing very dirty - so, sometimes the hands have to get dirty, too, but with style and facts and truth.

Bachmann, Beck show, Palin, Armey and his "tea bagging" nitwits ... use them - don't ignore them ... they are what is wrong today. America knows it - Dede should, too.

Anonymous said...

Dede has to realize that the folks don't want a dem or rep. Maybe Hoffman is a dud but he is going against the established parties-something that is needed throughout the government - THEY ALL NEED TO GO!

Anonymous said...

And here goes Dan, writing a lot and saying nothing. "Dud, dropout, take your rag and stuff it", then "ultra rabid right wing" and "teabag nitwits". You did get in the "stick a fork" and "frickin'". How cutting edge. None of this is strung together in any kind of cohesive thought, Dannie. What is your point?

You missed Fox News, Bush, racists, and tax cuts for the rich. I'm sure we'll see them next time.

Dan Francis said...

5:46 -- if you don't/ or didn't get my point... then my Anonymous friend, it is you and not me, who is out of touch - but thanks for playing "Got 'ya Politics" try again later.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am out of it. I don't understand your fashionable say nothing verbage. But no doubt I'll get more chances to read your crap.

Fox News, Fox News, nitwork, right wing.

Just trying to fit in, Dannie.

Earthbob said...

I thought he was my anonymous friend?

Anonymous said...

How can you vote for someone who has the ugliest campaign sign in history? I'm not being facetious either.

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis, Voice in the Wilderness, Campaign Manager Extraordinaire

Dan Francis said...

9:26 -- in the wilderness? Me? Ha...

But, if I am, I'm in pretty good company with about 80 percent of the GOP wondering around there, too.

Several recent National polls, if you read polls, show that only about 20% of people today consider themselves a Republican ... the Party let the people down - not the other way around.

To a certain Anonymous who is a thorn in my ass: grow up.

Anonymous said...

Well guess there is a first time for everything. I actually agree with Political IV on something. Scozzafava and her campaign have't gotten anything right thus far. Only 12 days left. Wanna bet she comes in third?

Anonymous said...

I have only one Anonymous friend, only one who truly loves me.

And it at that Dan guy. He yelled at me too many times. Took the glow off our relationship.

To my real bud, tonight we process a win.

Anonymous said...

Dan might be right. The Reps are wandering.

The Dems are smarter. They don't give their voters a chance to wander. The party leaders are smart enough not to give them a choice on anything. Makes for a unified vote.

Anonymous said...

8:28 PM
That's because they keep them on welfare or employed by acorn.Then they threaten them if they get out of line they will have to get a real job.Scares the shit out of them.GOOD DUONKEY

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