"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 26, 2009


Do you think we will see any commercials like this in the final days of the NY-23?

Probably not, the candidates are at each others throats, and Invsi-Bill-O, who is absent as usual, continues to ignore Jefferson County because Jefferson County is not included in his strategy to win.

Anyway here is a Bloomberg commercial. This guy should be running for Governor.

But if you elect Invisi-Bill-O, this is what you will get more of;


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg should be banned from seeking any more public office with his billions... he has spent to date 1/2 billion for public office ... and drowned out any opposition - or should I say "flooded with millions any opponent?"

P O W E R seeking ... not service is the name of the game.

At any cost...

Anonymous said...

12:28 is right. and bloomberg is all about manhattan. What are the chances he would to visit watertown?
I would prefer Onondaga county executive Joanie Mahoney. Unlike most politicians she's showing backbone by cutting the size of government in the face of union opposition.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a NYC guy. And you're hammering him because he's acting like a NYC guy? He's a gun nazi, but that's always the case with big city people. That won't be an option for us much longer anyway, so get over it. Remember, the Constitution is a "living document". Otherwise, I don't see a problem with him. Is it better for a rich guy to use his own money or a regular guy to get bought by special interests? And he does fight the teacher union. I think your big city mayors are your last strong arm politicians. He will be mayor until he doesn't want the job anymore.

Anonymous said...

9:13, there sould be public financing of political campaigns so all candidates have equal access Enough with the billionares and mega millionares. They usually can't relate to regulare people. I'ld rather have some nny farmer as governor (though not darrel; he sold us out to nyc political bosses).

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