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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Which Is It?

Which is it? Is the ad from the NRCC attacking Doug Hoffman, but does it give Hoffman credibility or does it rightfully point out his shortcomings? Which is it?

The response from Hoffman spokesman Rob Ryan will make you bust a gut - "So the NRCC is getting desperate and throwing mud."

Uhmmmmm, wait a minute - oh that is right - Hoffman's entire campaign has been slinging mud at Dede Scozzafava. Com'on you are a professional hit man for politicians, most certainly you can be more original than that, right?


Anonymous said...

Didn't NYS bail out Hoffman after the Lake Placid Olympics fiasco in the early 80's? So now he's against bailouts. Hmmm... Mr. Hoffman, your 15 minutes are up here. Tell Mr. Long you'll run in the 20th for him next time.

Anonymous said...

Dede is Done! Pack your bags. Now Dede all you have is an Assembly seat but your time is running out on that too..that is a threat and a promise!

Anonymous said...

Losing It Over Scozzafava

By The Prowler on 10.8.09 @ 6:10AM

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) lashed out at conservative Republican colleagues during a meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday when asked why the NRCC chose to back liberal, ACORN supported candidate Dede Scozzafava, in the upcoming special election to succeed Rep. John McHugh in New York's 23rd Congressional District

Sessions was called out by conservative members of the caucus, and challenged when asked why NRCC resources -- cash and personnel -- were being used for Scozzafava. "We have a conservative running in this race, and the Republican Party is not with him," says a conservative House member who attended the meeting. "There are a number of us who are profoundly embarrassed by this race, and while we don't blame Pete, we do blame the NRCC staff for apparently not doing its job."

Sessions, according to sources, angrily responded to the criticism, though not directly defending Scozzafava. According to NRCC staff, Scozzafava was viewed as the "most cooperative" candidate of a group put forward by local Republican Party bosses in the 23rd District. "She wasn't going to be a loose cannon and the money was happy with her," says one NRCC source, saying that "money" referred to a pool of high-dollar donors with ties to former New York Governor George Pataki. "Ideally, we wanted someone who could self-finance, but we didn't have anyone like that," says the NRCC source. "Then we went with someone who would have a natural pool of donors; [Scozzafava] met that criteria."

Scozzafava's candidacy is getting so much attention because a conservative Republican, Doug Hoffman, is now challenging her, running as the New York Conservative Party candidate in the race. Hoffman was rejected by the Republican Party of New York, which chose not to contact Conservative Party leader Michael Long for input on the pick. Such input is usually sought, to ensure that the Republican candidate will also be able to run on the Conservative Party line on the ballot.

Hoffman has already been endorsed by the Club for Growth, Gary Bauer, and former Sen. Fred Thompson. According to sources in Washington, a number of conservatives have been pressuring former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to step up and support Hoffman, both financially and with an appearance, but that Gingrich has thus far rejected those requests without an explanation. David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union was said to be calling around to various conservative organizations, encouraging them to support Hoffman and not support the NRCC in further efforts.

In New York, meanwhile, aides close to Hoffman said they were poised to make several announcements in the coming days that "will change the dynamics of the race," according to one aide. "We have conservatives across the country who really believe we can win this with the right team in place and the right kind of support, and we believe that it's all coming together."

Regardless of the outcome of the race, it appears that looking to 2010, Rep. Pete Sessions will be examining the staff of the NRCC and making changes to ensure that a Scozzafava doesn't happen again.

According to Republican National Committee sources, a poll on the 23rd District race paid for by the NRCC and due to be released on Monday has been withheld due to a poor showing by the Republican candidate. An NRCC denied that the poll was being held back, but was being reviewed for "margin of error issues."

Anonymous said...

The NRCC are full of shit! Everyone knew we would be in this position today with Dede. Why do you think she hasnt ran for state senate? She is a huge liability. And common republicans had Matt Doheny, a businessman from Abay, oh and how quickly everyone forgets, he was a multi millionaire. I will put it in NRCC terms "Someone who can self finance." Furthermore the guy was local as anyone could be. Everything he owns is right here in the North Country. He was a successful businessman and someone that can energize the GOP and fight for our interests here in the 23rd. The county chairs and the NRCC have f*cked up big time.

Anonymous said...

Great. Now these wingnuts are cutting and pasting the American Spectator and Club for Growth. Can the John Birch Society be far behind? Go for normal people. Go for Dede!!

Anonymous said...

9:34, doheny local? He's a wall street banker and that is enough for him to lose my vote. NYC has too much influence over the nny as it is. Yeah being from nyc would be a great way to fire up the base.

Bircher said...

Of course NRCC didn't like Doheny. How could we forget, NRCC is ANTI-growth and ANTI-capitalism. Remember how they savaged Scott Murphy?

Dede will be a great one to show to the donors in the other 49 states. A liberal who supports gay marriage and card check, endorsed by Daily Kos!

Anonymous said...

democrat or republican I'ld rather have an independent voice rather than just another rubber stamp for the party bosses. And why do people get so work up over gay marriage? I mean it's not a threat to you, is it?

Dan Francis said...

11:48 - interesting point you make with this: “...Democrat or Republican I'd rather have an independent voice...” I agree in part and add this:

Independent voices these days DON'T work within the staunch party system (I know – I am basically an outcast within the DEM party ‘cause I don’t play their silly ass little games / OWENS an INDY as the banner carrier) – and as shown by the GOP reaction against Dede with her one or two position stances which are “outside the mainstream of traditional GOP-Conservative thinking.” In other words: “Walk the line, or get out or worse, get no huge support per se.”

This PR election turns things on its collective head and maybe that's good ... and I also think and hope that more people will reassess their “party stance and views” and just throw away their party cards and become “Independents on their own” – that would send a powerful message to the parties – that they are not always run from the top-down.

Then if the parties react negatively, the people will vote with their feet and “X’s” at ballot time. That would be advice ... I like parties who work ... these both are not.

Owens’ race does underscore one thing: when the party gets behind a “candidate” the money flows – doesn’t it? But, still I ask: what about the issues we are concerned about – hope they solve them once in office? Don’t hold your breath.

BL: Old-time party politics is now passé.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

What a fiasco. With Aubertine out of the race this should have been a lock for the republicans. Instead we find ourselves underfunded in a 3 party race. If only the county reps had had the sense to see this coming they could have nominated Doheny to run instead of Dede. He avoids all of the problems that are currently tripping her up - he has high energy, is well-funded, and is conservative enough to satisfy the far right. Hoffman wouldn't have even been in the race. It is hard to believe that a republican will no longer be holding the seat for the 23rd district, although what could we have expected when the republicans didn't even put a republican on the ticket in the first place. I think this is the end of the line for Dede. With any luck Doheny will run against Owens next year and we can get the seat back.

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