"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 16, 2009

On His Watch Or Not

Paterson made a bold move today paring down spending by $5 billion dollar as a start to close this year's gap and begin on next year's deficit. 

Here is what he had to say:
"Not on my watch will I allow this state to go into default," Paterson declared. "Not on my watch will I let us fritter around and make reckless decisions at a time when the citizens of this state need leadership, leadership that looks at the big picture despite the distractions of politics and special interests...and the 24-hour news cycle."

But what he wants on his watch, other declare - not so fast!

Democrats in the Senate lead by Finance Chair Carl Kruger are not ready to stop spending. Kruger calls Paterson's plan a "doomsday atmosphere," (hmmm sounds familiar) and cautioned his fellow Democrats about going along with Paterson. Kruger even went as far as saying Paterson can't do his own job.

Kruger -
"We will not treat this as if it’s a mass hysterical fire drill," the senator said. "And I'm not going to allow him to use us as his punching bag. So if he wants to up his poll numbers and run for re-election, he won't be running against the Legislature."
It is tough to get leadership these days that understand spending within their means. 


Anonymous said...

Kruger no doubt is getting a his pockets filled with special interest money. That, and he doesn't mind continuing to screw our kids. That doesn't make him an unusual legislator.

Anonymous said...

why can't upstate just secede from downstate so we don't have all these idiots in charge of our state?

Dan Francis said...

The Guv is leading ... and he's doing what is needed. Good for him.

A newly-coined word from the incumbents to the Guv: HOOG

(Hands Off Our Goodies)

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dannie is right. I see the state Dems and Reps using the Gov as a scapegoat, blaming him for everything and using him to avoid talking about reality. Soon, we will have Gov Cuomo. They will all celebrate him, then blame him for everything. But they won't cut spending. In two years, we'll be living in more of a sewer than we are now. Thanks to guys like Kruger and many others like him.

Dan Francis said...

Like I said: 62 Senate HOOG's and 150 Assembly HOOG's ...

Their motto: "Hands Off Our Goodies."

Anonymous said...

Stimulus Watch: $500 Million Creates 54 NYC Jobs (1)

Think our great gov had his hand in this cookie jar? or does schumer get the credit?

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Chuckie S. we all want the money he can get, We have a new airport in Hastings, NY, thanks to Chuckie.

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