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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Open Thread

A good open thread topic: the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama for making speeches.

Have at!


Anonymous said...

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Barack Hussein Obama on his "Nobel Apppeasement Prize". And the clown who nominated him will have his name hidden for 50 years.(I wonder why?) So I guess we won't know for a long time if it was David Axelrod, or Rahm Emmanuel or Michelle Obama. But whoever it was, we should be forever grateful for making our country the laughing stock of the world. Will we ever survive this clown administration? Tomorrow should be the official wear your joker t-shirt day.

Benny said...

Based on the criteria they used for Obama - the promise of hope and change - they could have given Hilter and Chamberlain the Nobel Peace Prize for "ensuring peace in our time".

Dan Francis said...

* "Obama lost the Olympic bid for Chicago - his hometown - " laugher erupts from 100% full GOP "big tent."

* "He is awarded the Nobel prize," and the GOP laughs even harder in their now- 50% full "big tent."

* It's hard to please a hometown crowd, isn't it -- whether in Chicago or Watertown or the GOP now- one-fourth full "big tent?"

* The GOP had better get their act and stories straight, or there ain't go be no mo' "big tent" to hold their 1/16 party.

IMHO... that’s pretty sad, too.

Dan Francis said...

Our three candidates won't or can't debate in public - so I'll ask them this question this way instead (and esp Mr. Owens):
Where do you stand on this?

tic toc, tic toc

~ Two years of infantry combat duty in Vietnam ...

Dan Francis said...

So, we'd better face reality, buckle up and deal with the world as it is NOT the way we want it to be -- it ain't gonna change... i.e. ...

* As long as there is one terrorist somewhere willing to strap on a suicide vest, or willing to drive a TNT-laden truck into a market, or organize 5-6 other like-minded whacknuts (Afghanistan-U.S. citizen Najibullah Zazi), then there will be a sustained case for the political crap, turmoil and nonsense we face right now UNLESS we work together and stop this turmoil at home first ...

In short: This American vehicle we are driving is stuck in second gear and the transmission still has 14 other forward gears.

There is NO WAY OUT. We must adapt and put politics aside... and get back to the basics.

I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see all the positive work that is going on these days to right the ship. Lessons have been learned that their is not an endless supply of cash in our pockets, credit can only go so far both personally and also as a nation. People are taking the ownership and looking at their budgets and making the change for themselves as the current federal government does not get it. Unfortunately it is hard to see this when we have bitter people that feel they need to get the last word in on everything and have an endless supply of sarcasm (anger hidden in humor). As for Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize SNL has answered that for us all. I feel bad for Ghandi who was nominated 5 times.

Anonymous said...

Times have changed from old Mohandas K. Gandhi days (he died in 1948) ... please get in step.

Anonymous said...

Well he missed out on the olympics, might as well give him the peace prize, Of course Rio has carnival"

Anonymous said...

Here is a short 10 minute video which explains why President Obama actually deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us Dan that you've started drinking. It would be the only reasonable explanation for these last couple posts. You're making no sense at all.

It isn't the GOP that's laughing, it is media around the world. The worldwide press is calling us a laughingstock. There is no logical defense for this decision, not at this time. In a few years, this might make sense, but we have no idea what this is about yet. Your attempt to make it a partisan issue is typical bullshit, fully expected from a man like you.

I didn't realize you did two years of combat duty in Vietnam. That would help explain the loss. No real direction in what you were doing. That concept probably spread among those around you.

Dan Francis said...

12:28 -- you have no idea, zero, about my many accomplishments since my USMC and war days -- so stop acting like you do.

Dan Francis said...

The media reports in several places that our three 23rd candidates are ducking -- what's new about that?

This was predicable and I told the DEM committee that at Blue Mountain Lake about Mr. Owens in August.

FYI: I am not crying over spilled milk, or sour grapes, either -- I'm bigger than that.

I sized up the man there when we talked for about 30 minutes before our presentation and I can size up people pretty well. He is ducking the issue of public health care, and that is very good example of what I mean. And, he is very wishy-washy about Afghanistan.

I would ask the voters: “If you want change and control then WRITE IN the name of a candidate you know and can trust who will work on the hard issues and tell you about that right now, not later as they tap dance around things. Send a POWERFUL message that you what, and NOT what they tell you need.”

I'm available ... I feel great today – its my birthday.


Anonymous said...

Dan, I don't think any of us have any idea of what your accomplishments were as military man, leader of intelligence, investigator of the underworld, and government communter to the Syracuse office. You've kept all that pretty secretive. I'm hoping that you run again for something we can hear more about Dan "secret agent" Francis.

Did you go to the Red and Black game? There were lots of racists, I mean Republicans there. But we got along just fine.

Anonymous said...

1:34... I won't lower myself to that level of discourse with you except to say you are pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

What, no military prop Dan?
No, "but I was wonderful in my day" claims?
No generalizations about the oppostion?
No profanity?
No claims of racism?
No party line thinking?

Now that's a different tack.

Anonymous said...

Today's NYPost reports that GWBush, in 2002, put in place a policy that reserves the right of the US to militarily respond with preemptive strikes against against enemies who threaten us. If we identified the threat, we weren't going to wait to be hit. Responding to threats is not a new concept. Maybe at NBC News it is, but not in the real world.

Obama has reversed this policy. His spokeswoman, Kathleen Hicks of the Defense Dept, says the world is a much "more complex" place than it was under GW.

Well, I'm sure Mr O is lookin' out for us. And I'm sure our enemies are appropriately concerned. But putting our "friends" on notice is not the same as saying what we will absolutely do under all circumstances. Why wouldn't we want to keep them off balance? I don't understand bending over for our enemies. It doesn't seem that complicated. Dannie, can you help me on this?

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