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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Campaign Swings

The campaigns were out in full swing yesterday. Hoffman had his office opening and Jude Seymour did a nice job on the spot. The Hoffman campaign people were in the 'hood later in the morning and the Scozzafava people made campaign stops in the area as well.

Campaign material received from the Scozzafava and Cheryl Lane for County Clerk campaign.


Anonymous said...

Two weeks and one day - it will get nastier... mark my words.

Dan Francis said...

Which candidate is speaking to or addressing the future of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan (or in nearby Pakistan, Iraq, or possibly destined for Iran)? Why won't they discuss this? Are they too shy, or they can't, or are they incapable?

One view of our forces in that region:

U.S. in Afghanistan, in the year XXXX

I address that issue along with other just as critical issues. The candidates dance around in soft-shoes with soundbytes about much of nothing. -- sad.

Halfway Pundit

Anonymous said...

We all know what the Middle East policy will be about for the next few years, Dannie. Quit pretending like there should be some kind of debate going on. There is no reason for anyone, certainly not the Elephants, to talk about the war in Middle East.

The last presidential election decided that we wouldn't fight in Afghanistan. But you guys, the Dems, had rattled your little peters during the campaign about Iraq being the "wrong" war and the Afghan thing being the "right" war. In dutiful party line group think fashion you, Daniel Francis, mindlessly mouthed the same thing here many times. Now, you and yours have found that the Afghan war will require more fight as well as a different strategy. Well, despite your bs, you weren't ready to fight. In fact, you never intended to do anything like that. But you and yours along with the Great One can't really come out and say that, so the Dem party runs around, tries to get the Olympics, attends hot dog roasts and stuff like that, while the guys in Afghanistan get killed. The Great One is too busy to make a decision. In the mean time the Nobel people give him the Peace Prize largely for having the inoperable dick that you and yours seem to value so highly. That is very nice. So to end my little sermon Dannie, why should anyone, especially the oppostion, say ANYTHING about what they would do in Afghanistan. The quiet, unspoken answer is, NOT A DAMN THING. They never intended to do anything over there in the first place. That Afghan talk was just a safe way to swing at Bush, without having to pay any price or stand behind your words. You know that. Don't you? If you don't, I'm disappointed in you.

As in Vietnam, if you aren't going to fight, bring all the troops home, NOW. Save us the bs about what you intended to do. You are just playing politics with soldiers' lives. They did it to you in Vietnam and they are doing in now to our guys in the Middle East. It was a crime then just as it is now. Our politicians spineless crooks, but they will be reelected because despite their crimes we love them. It is no wonder this country is in the condition it is in.

Anonymous said...

8:44 PM
BRAVO!!! if we aint gonna fight to win get to hell out. Bring the troops home to protect us from the idiotic morons that are running this country into the ground.

Dan Francis said...

8:44 - I have no idea what your post meant to say - either about me and my military views and philosophy or what the overall thrust of your post was.

FACT: Iraq was the wrong war for the wrong reasons and the whole frickin' planet knows it, except you, I guess.

FACT: Afghanistan was right at the start for the right reasons - revenge for 9/11 and I supported that.

FACT: Bush lost the focus and invaded Iraq (on a pack of lies) and that cost us dearly and unnecessarily.

FACT: Afghanistan militants and and/ or the Taliban and others regrouped and gained strength since Bush said we "won and Afghanistan was free in his late Sep 2004 speech."

How'd that work out?

It is bad now (again) and the geography so bad that we will be there for decades, but should not - the focus has shifted again now to Pakistan - and they have nukes.

The strategy is wrong for Afghanistan ... period.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dan, I'd fake confusion if I were you too. It saves trying to refute what I said. The safe thing to do is repeat the party line crap you always do, and that you've done again here.

I thinks most people understood what I said. What is so pathetic is that even though you were part of that group of men who were used as political pawns in the Vietnam conflict, you don't mind the same thing being done to another generation of young people now. It's more important to you, Dannie, to lip lock on your Democratic party that to stand up for another group of young people getting killed while another president attends weenie roasts. History repeats itself. And our man Dannie knows whats important, that evil Fox News that criticizes his beloved political party, which, despite his rhetoric, is the most important thing in his life. Semper Fi to the Donkeys, eh' Dannie?

If we are not going to fight, bring the guys home. Simple. Don't pretend, O Great One, that you're too busy to make a decision.

You understand any of that, Dan?

Anonymous said...

Is that Tom whose she's shaking hands with?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you took your toys and went home on this one, Dannie. Lose your spine, again?

I see this new strategy of yours. When your butt is kicked, you claim you don't understand run.

Makes sense in a way.
Perfect Dannie behavior.

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