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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doug Who?

Doug a no show again!

From the Press Republican a picture says it all.

Scozzafava showed a thorough command of the issues, offering detailed answers to most questions.

Owens, while he did not stumble, kept most of his answers shorter and offered fewer details.


Dan Francis said...

My Reviews (for what they are worth):

1. Hoffman can't stand the limelight, and it's more than just "he's not a politican" or "it's his nature to be shy" etc. - that's bull. He can't handle the issues - that is painfully obvious ... I hate to sound harsh, but not being able to handle the issues or put forth a coherent sentence about an idea or proposal instead of "canned soundbytes" shows me that he is not ready for primetime to be our Rep. in Congress -- plain and simple.

2. Owens may be ready as a polished and slick lawyer, and yes, I know that sounds harsh, too, but I've met the man, sat spoke to him and have read everything about him that I can... I discount the slick Ads... they say nothing. Quality-wise, yes, he would fit nicely in Congress: if you want a dodger and typical evader, IMHO. Sadly, we have too many of those right now already in the House.

3. Dede is skilled on the issues, presented them well and defends herself effectively (that Channel 10 News now segment was very good and presents a picture of her that people need to remember - who she is). She is ready for that office. I may disagree with her on several military and war-realted issues, but if she were to ask me, I'd be happy to advise her on those things.

I make it my policy to vote for the best person that I think will do the job no matter which party they represent. That is what "Representative" means. I hope who ever wins remembers that, too.

Scozzafava gets my vote and my wife's too on election day.

— Dan Francis

Anonymous said...

Ok, I give Dan credit for coming out and clearly saying who he supports.

The offer to advise Dede goes a little off the dock, but I guess it's to be expected. Do you see, Dan, why some of us think your ego needs a little bit of adjustment?

But I thank you for your opinion on the race.

Anonymous said...

how can anyone vote for doug hoffman when he won't face voters in a public forum? Based on his ads?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and based on the other two also, there is a movement and it's gaining ground, I see that Tom S. is at it again did a reverse split of more stock, and you want Dede in a higher office??? Leave her where she is, where she can't do any harm.

Dan Francis said...

2:10 - my ego needs no adjusting.

But, your view of me.

Put yourself in my place and then measure all the effort I have put into running for office and then bounce that against all the factors and outcomes of many of the issues I have raised and you will see, if you look, that I have been right more than I've been wrong -- I have not won, but not for a lack of serious trying ...

Starting today, I will only respond to Anonymous posts to defend myself and not to explain or justify myself to those who hide behind such labels.

I don't hide.

Anonymous said...

ask Hoffman's family who they are going to vote for- that tells you all you need to know about qualifications. If the man don't live in the 23rd, I ain't votin for him

Anonymous said...

you'll be at the top of her call list, dan. the very top.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I just wouldn't, publicly, offer my services as an advisor to Congressman, Senator, or any elected official. It's above my pay grade. You seem to think nothing of it. I don't understand you. If they were a personal friend, or if they had a specific position and I was hired, so be it. But for a private citizen to say that, no. It just says something about you that I don't comprehend. I'll give you one thing, you're a confident guy.

Dan Francis said...

6:16 ... I am not only confident, but I am competent, caring, concerned, compassionate, and a big surprise to you, conservative on most fiscal issues except when it comes to helping people in dire straights.

If we can't help a fellow human being in need, even temporarily from tim-to-time, then what's the purpose of having any emotion at all?

Anonymous said...

Well it's nice to know you're there to help Dede in her hour of need. Or were you talking about the poor, or something else?

When will libs like you figure out that more government programs do not help people in need. They usually end up help employ important people's daughter's and son's, like the Burtos of Carthage, if you'd like a local example. There are times when government intervention makes sense. But this situation has gotten totally out of hand. Working people cannot continue to finance this wish list for people who may mean well, like you, but fail to see how out of control things have become. But you're pretty well insulated, Dan. Government pension, healthcare and all. You and yours can afford all that comes your way. But regular folks are at the end of the line. It's not your heart I question, it's your brain.

Get off the computer and root for the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 9:17 - I wish a government program would teach you how to read and write the English language. But then, from what I've seen, it doesn't look like Hoffman's any better. Go Phillies.

Dan Francis said...

9:17 ... what a despicable post and opinion about me. You said in part:

"Working people cannot continue to finance this wish list for people who may mean well, like you, but fail to see how out of control things have become. But you're pretty well insulated, Dan. Government pension, healthcare and all. You and yours can afford all that comes your way. But regular folks are at the end of the line."

1. You presume I never worked?

2. You imply that I am not entitled nor worthy of my benefits for my 42 years of government-military-public service?

3. You suppose falsely that I haven't paid my dues or that I'm on easy street.

4. You suppose I am not "regular" folks and FYI, I am ... you don't know me, stop pretending you do.

Now I am pissed, so I guess you have succeeded again in hitting my hot buttons and I told you long ago I WILL DEFEND MYSELF.

Now piss off.

Anonymous said...

Wellllll Dan, I'm very reluctant to respond, now that you're really "pissed". Are you some kind of joke or is this a Halloween response? Let me go through a little bit of review for ya, Dannie Boy.

Ya claimed I said you "never worked", weren't "entitled" and were on "easy street". Little Man, never in my statement did I say any of the three. I simply said if one has a government pension and free healthcare, it can have an effect on their judgement regarding how others should spend their tax money to establish programs. You also said I didn't think you were a "regular guy". Now Dannie, what the hell does that mean? First off, in perfectly logical liberal dishonest fashion, you're making all that up. I said no such thing. I don't even know what you are talking about. I remember a comedian named Steve Martin who did a skit on "regular guys" but Dannie, that was a long time ago. You would have to refresh my memory. What IS a regular guy?

Dannie, you need to grow up. I have government pay and benefits too. It has an extreme effect on my judgement regarding money. Hell, I don't have to feel tax increases like most people. I pay less than $50 for health insurance and stupid small copays. I'm just like you. I'm not throwing barbs at you that I'm not throwing at myself. Where I disagree is I don't view government as the answer to everything. And if someone says I have it too good in some areas, I don't get mad and threaten them and throw temper tantrums, I listen, at least a bit. Because you know Dan, they're right in some ways. You and I have it too good. And it doesn't mean we didn't work or don't deserve it or are not "regular" guys or aren't entitled or any of the other guilt bs you seem to feel so much.

Why is it you Liberals have to feel so guilty about everything? That's another thing I have to figure out before I pass on.

Don't be so thin skinned. You need to calm down.

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